Hearty Party: 10 Winter Stew Recipes to Whip Up Now

Thanks to good old winter, we’re freezing and in search of comfort food. We want a heart winter stew. We want soup. We crave lunches and dinners that are warming for our bodies and souls during these cold months and we know you do, too.…

From Broth to Bisque: 20 Recipes that Will Make You Want to Eat Soup Forever

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We don't like to play favorites, but fall is our favorite season of them all. The leaves changing colors, the brisk air, decorative gourds as far as the eye can see and the smell of cinnamon everywhere you go. It just makes our senses happy.…

Fall Weeknight Meals: Slow-Cooker Texas Chili

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Jazz up your weeknight rotation with simple dinners that will soon become staple recipes in your home. This Texas Chili recipe from Food is the kind of warm, hearty comfort food you’ll want to come home to on a cold fall night.…
Chicken & Mushroom Stew with “Dimpled” Corn Dumplings-MainPhoto

Chicken & Mushroom Stew with “Dimpled” Corn Dumplings

This Mexican-inspired chicken & mushroom stew gets a lift from these small doughnut-shaped dumplings. The dimple allows the dumpling to cook faster and more evenly. You will need them to mop up every bit of sauce on your plate. Read Related: Mexican…
Sanchez-Guisado de Chayote-MainPhoto

A Taste of Home: Guisado de Chayote

There are certain homemade dishes that can’t be replicated at any restaurant. No matter if the same ingredients are used, they just don’t have that sazon that our moms, tias or grandmother’s lovingly incorporated into their cooking. One…
Pork, Hominy & Vegetable Stew-MainPhoto

Pozole Verde: Pork, Hominy & Vegetable Stew

This dish, called pozole verde in México, features bits of braised pork, chicken, and hominy lolling in a thick, flavorful broth of puréed chile, tomatillo, onion, garlic, and ground pumpkin seeds and is garnished with a raft of good things…
Quick Easy Fulfilling Guisos-MainPhoto

Weekend Cooking: Easy Stews (Guisos)

There’s this misconception about guisos or stews: they are hard to make. But guisos are extremely easy to prepare and not to mention economical to feed an entire hungry tribe. These easy stews just take a bit of time and patience until the…