Indigo Children Characteristics: What the Heck are Indigo Children Anyway?

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What are indigo children characteristics? Wait—what the heck are indigo children? If you tend not to shop in New Age bookstores, then you may have missed the emergence of the indigo children phenomenon. Are these kids who are purple, like…
Bike Camps for Kids with Special Needs

Bike Camps for Kids with Special Needs

Remember the exhilaration of learning to ride a bicycle without the training wheels? The feeling of freedom, independence and the big boost of confidence? It’s a rite of passage for many children, one that the founders of Lose the Training…
Kids With Special Needs Speak Spanglish, Too!-MainPhoto

Kids With Special Needs Speak Spanglish, Too!

This morning at 6 a.m., as usual, my daughter Ayelén, who has Down syndrome, woke up reluctantly and started getting ready for school. She then asked me for some milk, using the same phrase she uses every morning: “Mamita, may I have…
Angela Bachiller, the World’s First Person with Down Syndrome to Hold Public Office-MainPhoto

Angela Bachiller, the World’s First Person with Down Syndrome to Hold Public Office

Parents of children with Down syndrome are celebrating the appointment of Angela Bachiller as the first person with Down syndrome to hold public office and pursue a political career. Bachiller recently took her seat on the city council of…
An Unlikely Confidante-MainPhoto

From a Painful Memory, a Spina Bifida Activist Finds Her Mission

"Yes, the past can hurt, but the way I see it, you either run from it, or learn from it." —Rafiki, "The Lion King" School should have been one of the happiest periods of my life. Instead, it was the source of my deepest pain—even now as…
Breastfeeding a Child with Special Needs-SliderPhoto

Breastfeeding a Baby with Special Needs

I gave birth to two children, and I have two very different stories to tell about breastfeeding. Both of my kids have Down syndrome, but their diagnosis doesn’t make them the same. In fact, since the day they were born, they have demonstrated…

Inspiration Porn

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Recently, I’ve seen a lot of feedback from fellow advocates and activists in the disability community regarding what is now termed as inspiration porn. I figure it’s long been the giant, pink elephant in the room, so it’s high time…

5 Tips for Handling Stress When Raising Children With Special Needs

No matter how strong or positive you may be about the task of parenting, stress is hard to avoid. For those of us who are raising children with special needs, the stress we handle is multiplied. Instead of trying to ignore it, I have found…

Autism Speaks: My Name is David

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This great video for Autism Speaks, by one of the animators of the popular cartoon Robot Chicken, features the actual words and voice of 14-year-old David Shapiro Sharif. We applaud his efforts to give a voice to those living with autism. This…