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Twiti-quette: 15 Things You Can Never Say Because they Violate Twitter Etiquette

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We bet you never thought you would need to get your head around Twitter etiquette. But new technologies call for new sets of rules, especially social media platforms that are designed to throw people into the ring and see the sparks fly. You…

Hello Ello: 13 Facts to Know About the ‘New Facebook’

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Raise your hand if you hate Facebook (or all social media). And by "hate" we mean you are addicted to it, you check status updates every twelve seconds, and even though you are annoyed by the ads and the fact that your entire life is public…

Latin Lovers: The 15 Best Online Places to Find Amor

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Online dating has grown exponentially since it first went mainstream in the 90s. The latest craze in the world of virtual matching are dating apps as well as online dating sites that cater to a specific demographic. Pew Research says 38% of…

Paulo Coelho Books: 10 Reasons to Read that Resonate NOW

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Admit it: you're obsessed with all Paulo Coelho books. Best-selling Brazilian author Paulo Coelho’s latest novel Adultery hits the market August 19 and we positively, absolutely cannot wait! The Paulo Coelho biography includes nabbing the…

19 Negative Things About Our Obsession with Taking Pictures

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You paid an ungodly sum of money for those concert seats, just a few rows back from the stage, close enough that you could almost touch the performers. They played all the best songs, you sang along, you danced—it was literally the best…

The Social Media Diet: 15 Ways to Curb Your Addiction to “The Feed”

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In the morning, what do you reach for first, your significant other or your cell phone? As the coffee brews are you logging into Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Do you jump every time you get a text message alert? Is your tablet resting on…

10 San Francisco Tech Companies that Make it the Digital Emerald City

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On May 28, 1937, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt pushed a button that opened San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. Since then, and perhaps for the foreseeable future, California’s Silicon Valley has represented a new era in business,…
8 Popular Apps That Your Teenagers Are Into Right Now-MainPhoto

10 Popular Apps That Your Kids are Into Right Now

Like most parents, you have probably stopped to wonder where in cyberspace your kids are currently hanging out. According to a recent Forbes piece by Alyse Lorber, "Teens are fleeing Facebook. Why? Because most teens don’t want to hang out…
Hispanicize 2014-MainPhoto

Get Ready for Hispanicize 2014, April 1-4 in Miami

Are you ready to Hispanicize yourself?! Hispanicize 2014 is the fifth annual gathering of the most influential Latino trendsetters and newsmakers in social media, journalism, advertising,  public relations, film and music. PR, film, music…