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Why Latinas Are Huge for Beauty Companies

Why Latinas Are Huge For Beauty Companies

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With spending power of close to 500 billion, Latinas spend almost three times as much per month on beauty and personal care than other women. Beauty companies are paying attention to these impressive numbers and increasingly focusing their attention,…

Mariela Dabbah: Nominated Best Latina Education Blogger

Mamiverse contributor Mariela Dabbah is a finalist in the Latinos in Social Media (LATISM) Awards as Best [email protected] Business Blogger. Mariela is the CEO of Latinos in College, a non-profit organization that provides students with everything they…

Carrie Ferguson Weir: Nominated Best Latina Vlogger

Carrie Ferguson Weir started vlogging for fun, sharing video cuentos of her familia and what it means to be Latino in the United States. Now, those videos have caught the eyes of so many, and Carrie Ferguson Weir has been nominated for…

Blogalicious Conference Gathers Latina Bloggers

Blogalicious gathered a large group of Latina Bloggers this year. The number of Latinas online is sky-rocketing. And with more and more of them turning to websites for ideas on what to buy and where to buy it, bloggers—specifically Latina…

Monica Olivera: Nominated Best Latina Education Blogger

Mamiverse contributor Mónica Olivera is one of the Latinos in Social Media (LATISM) awards nominees, as her Mommy Maestra blog is up for Best [email protected] Education Blogger. Mommy Maestra is a site for Latino families who are homeschooling and…

Rebecca Aguilar: Nominated Best Latina Social Network Leader

One afternoon in the summer of 2009, Rebecca Aguilar was sitting in her kitchen with her laptop in front of her. She was listening to the 2009 Supreme Court confirmation hearings of Justice Sonia Sotomayor. As she listened to the criticisms…

5 Easy Tips to Get Webcam Ready

It's a brave new communications world of Skype, FaceTime, vlogs, video messaging, video conferencing, YouTube, and whatever new technology is right around the corner. It's made it possible for many of use to work from home. But talking on…

Twitter Etiquette: No Raunchy, Ridiculous, or Rude

Once you get the hang of Twitter, it can be rather addictive. A virtual conversation in 140 characters or less becomes an easy, fun way to communicate. But when you look at all of the tweets from your tweeps (people who twitter), how many…

The Best Taco Trucks on Twitter and On The Street

Behold: The once lowly taco truck has won over the hearts of foodies and non-Latinos alike. We know that you’ve had your tacos al pastor “secret street hook-up” for awhile now. Like, since childhood, maybe? But allow us to broaden your…