15 Reasons You’ll Definitely Want to Get the iPhone 6

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There are two kinds of people in the world: those who swear by iPhones and those who could care less. If you’re the second type, skip this article. But if your iPhone is the first thing you reach for in the morning, if you would rescue your…

20 Things You Can Do With A Smartphone To Sharpen Creativity

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It’s no secret that smartphones are EVERYWHERE. In fact, it is expected that by the end of 2014 1.75 billion people will be using smartphones worldwide. Yes, we said billion…with a B. Some of us spend more quality time with our phones…

Just Stop: 10 Ways to Break Your Cell Phone Addiction

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Be honest—do you have a cell phone addiction? Here’s a pop quiz to help you know: Is your phone the first thing you reach for in the morning and the last thing you see at night. Do you sleep with it next to your pillow? Do you walk into…

8 Essential and Free Apps For Moms

So your tween has had an allergic reaction to the lip gloss she wasn’t supposed to have on in the first place, and you have to check those symptoms before you decide if a trip to Urgent Care is really necessary. Meanwhile, has your bestie…
Have Phone, Will Travel Great Travel Apps for Your Smartphone-MainPhoto

Have Phone, Will Travel: Great Travel Apps for Your Smartphone

There’s no need to hire a travel agent or spend hours on the internet planning your family vacation. Just as internet sites make travel planning easy, your smartphone allows you to make reservations, read reviews and find points of interest…
Samsung Galaxy Note3 & Gear Review-MainPhoto

Samsung Galaxy Note3 & Gear Review

A word of caution before you read my Samsung Galaxy Note3 & Gear review! I did my best to use both the phone and the watch as though I had decided to purchase it for myself. That is, pretending I did not get a returnable sample for review,…
For Latinas On The Go Television On The Go-MainPhoto

For Latinas On The Go: Television On The Go

Our mothers and grandmothers had scarce means to keep us, their beloved children, entertained at all times. If we complained about being bored, our options back then were either having some chores assigned to us, or going outside to play with…
COSMO-How Your Cell Phone Could be Hazardous to Your Skin-MainPhoto

How Your Cell Phone Could be Hazardous to Your Skin!

We've become so dependent of our phones sometimes we forget the daily side effects that come with being permanently attached. Take a look at what cell phones really do to our skin and how we can avoid some of these nasty little issues. Text…

Putting Down Our Phones for National Cell Phone Courtesy Month

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As a freelance writer and work at home mami, I’ve got to have my phone handy most of the time. I have deadlines that can pop up at any second and requests for content that, should they go unanswered, could quickly pay someone else’s mortgage…