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Skin Conditions From Warts to Moles: How to Manage the Skin You're In

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Believe it or not, a 2013 study by the Mayo Clinic found that skin conditions were one of top reasons for doctor visits. Skin problems are extremely common and often extremely distressing since they're hard to hide and, sadly, they're a source…

How Long Does Makeup Last?

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If you’re a makeup junkie then you probably invest a lot of time and a lot of money in the latest, greatest, sexiest and most beautiful cosmetics around—but have you ever stopped to ask: how long does makeup last? You thrive on stocking…

10 Best Sunscreen Brands That Are Worth the Splurge

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Are you lazy about putting on sunscreen? Don’t be because the ozone layer is only continuing to deplete over time. Using sunscreen on a daily basis helps protect you from not only skin cancer, but premature wrinkles and dark spots. Being…

Benefits of Onions for Your Beauty Routine

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Onions aren't just a cooking staple, there are some pretty incredible health benefits of onions and their beauty benefits are just as impressive. According to, "Onions are surprisingly high in beneficial polyphenols, which play…

Skincare Success: How to Keep Yours Flawless this Summer

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All winter long we count down the minutes until warm summer weather, and we stare into the mirror and complain about our dry, pasty, sad-looking winter skin. Then summer rolls around, the humidity kicks in, and suddenly we’re constantly…

Are Skin Facials Outdated? Do They Even Work?

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In a world where, for better or worse, looks matter, we’re all trying to find tricks, tools and products to help us look our best. After all, it’s not just about how you actually appear, it’s also about how you feel, and one of the best…

How to Bring Rosewater Into Your Beauty Routine

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In the overwhelming world of beauty products, there are so many products to choose from that it can make your head spin. But one item that most likely isn’t in your regular routine, but should be, is rosewater. And not just because it sounds…

Arm Hair Update : 5 Solutions for Super Hairy Arms

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If you're human, you've got arm hair but it's a real source of insecurity for some women — especially this time of year when long sleeves aren't an option. It doesn't help that we're dealing with limbs that haven't seen the sun for three…

Danger Zone: 5 Toxic Chemicals You Need to Drop from Your Life

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We are learning more about how many toxic chemicals we're exposed to in our daily lives and their effect on our bodies — short-term and long-term — is truly frightening. Moms everywhere have been both horrified by the scope of Flint, Michigan's…