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Flash Balms for Instant Beauty During the Holidays

There's no way to get through holiday shopping/partying/traveling/not-sleeping-enough/up-all- night-wrapping-presents/dry, freezing weather—without the aptly-named Beauty Flash Balm ($45) by Clarins. The iconic, fast-acting mask that…

Top Holiday Eye Shadows

What holiday eye shadows to choose from? Here are my faves! What do you love more, chocolate and gold or onyx and silver? Exactly. You can't choose. Thank you. There's no point in stressing; you're just going to have to get both of these…
10 yoga terms that you pretend to know-Photo5

How to Pamper Yourself As a New Mom!

When you’re busy being supermami it’s easy to forget to take care of yourself. Set aside at least one hour a week for a little nurturing and rejuvenation to replenish your inner resources. It is possible to treat yourself like a queen…