Resources and advice for single moms



The Challenges of Dating as a Single Mom

UPDATED February 27th, 2018 It’s never easy, this whole dating-as-a-single-mom thing. First, you have to find the time to actually go somewhere without your kid. Second, you have to basically become a double-agent in your own life, juggling…

Solo Adventure: 5 New Ways to Think About Being Single

We’ve all had times in our lives when being single seemed like the worst fate that could befall us. But it’s possible to learn how to enjoy being single and realize it isn’t the end of the world. Viewed the right way, it is instead time…

Single Mothers by Choice: The Right Choice for You?

Everyone should be a parent. Let me rephrase that: Everyone who wishes to be a parent should be one, no matter their age, sex, or marital status… What really matters is whether they can love and provide for a child. Now, that’s easy for…

Why this Latina Mom is Grateful for Obama’s Victory

Shortly before Barack Obama was elected President in 2008, the U.S. economy took a nosedive. A few months later, I separated and then divorced, after two years of marriage counseling and a personal and professional downward spiral prompted…

Adjusting To Shared Custody After Divorce: Keep in Touch With the Kids

UPDATED August 1st, 2016 After a divorce, adjusting to shared custody of your kids can be very difficult, to say the least. Maybe your children stay with their dad on weekends and major holidays or during their summer vacations. These…

Single Women: Between a Rock & a Hard Place

I married at 43, to the collective relief of my friends, who feared I’d be the last, lonely single gal among them. Still, I remember well my decades of single life, and the struggle to stay strong and independent and not “need” a man,…

Financial Assistance Programs for Single Moms

For low-income single moms struggling to make ends meet, it can seem like there is nowhere to turn for help. Fortunately, there are programs out there to help ease some of your burden. Here is a list of financial assistance programs for…

How to Love Being Single

It has taken me a while, but I have finally learned how to love being single. My happiness doesn’t depend on having a boyfriend or wanting to please a man. Instead, I feel more sensual and powerful than ever. That is, of course, after having…

My wacky jobs as a Single Mom

“A mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do,” especially when it comes to a single mom going through tough financial times. There is practically nothing a mother wouldn’t do to feed her family, and I’ve certainly done my fair share…