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7 Tips to Look Refreshed, Even If You're Sleep Deprived

UPDATED February 22th, 2018 You need to look refreshed, but you haven't slept! This is common. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) insufficient sleep is a public health epidemic. Most of us do not sleep enough.…

How to Make Lifestyle Changes without Depriving Yourself

  UPDATED January 12th, 2018 Making a lifestyle change is a challenge no matter how much we want it. At first we might start with enthusiasm, wanting to make big changes in our diet or fitness routine. But after a few weeks, or…

Running A 5K? You Can Do it, Here's How

UPDATED January 12th, 2018 The first time I ran a 5K, I was a freshman in high school and I had just decided to sign up for the cross-country team. It was a curious choice. I had never run a day in my life. Being on the cross-country…
Makeup for Busy Moms

Makeup for Busy Moms

UPDATED January 12th, 2018 Whether you are one busy mami or multi-tasking mujer, applying some make-up every day does make one look and, therefore, feel better. In addition to these mami-helpers, you can use skin and eye brighteners,…

The Question of Questions: 15 Ways to Identify Knowing Deeply What You Want

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UPDATED November 16th, 2017 In 2012, the United Nations released the first World Happiness Report, which ranks countries by the happiness of their citizens, and in 2013 the U.S. came in 17th. We’d like to believe that being happy has something…

8 DIY Projects: Garbage Upcycling Genius

UPDATED November 16th, 2017 1. LIGHT BULB VASES Light bulbs come, outgrow their usefulness, and go, but these DIY light bulb vases are an amazing way to insure that they stick around—whether its as a decoration for your backyard, front…
Elizabeth Heath and family

Her Death to Cancer Taught Me Gratitude

UPDATED November 14th, 2017 Yesterday, (my husband) Paolo and I attended the funeral of a 32-year-old woman who died after a long struggle with ovarian cancer. I didn’t know the woman, but Paolo is friends with her husband; he works…
10 yoga terms that you pretend to know-Photo4

Yoga for Insomniacs

UPDATED November 14th, 2017 "I used to be so good at sleeping," my friend Lucy tells me. "Remember?" It's true. She could fall asleep anywhere, anytime—in the middle of a party, on a short car ride to the mall, on a concrete slab by…

Coping with Breast Cancer, One Joke at a Time

UPDATED November 1st, 2017 When my very own emerging flesh orbs first began to sprout during puberty, they seemed like two sweet little gifts from God. My treasured twins. My Harry and Sally. The first loves of my life. My next-level knockers.…