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Feline Philosophy: 8 Cat Facts & Lessons You Can Only Learn from a Kitty

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UPDATED May 30th, 2018 There are tons of sources of inspiration and information in your daily life; you learn from the people you interact with, from your surroundings, and you learn from both your failures and your successes. But what…
50 Paulo Coelho Quotes to Always Carry Inside

50 Amazing Paulo Coelho Quotes to Always Carry Inside

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UPDATED May 17, 2018 Brazil has graced the world with tons of sacred gifts: samba, cachaça, capoeira, açaí—and everyone’s favorite modern mystic, Paulo Coelho. Through the many spiritual ruminations of The Big C—he who has tread…

5 Life Lessons to Learn from Greek Mythology

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UPDATED May 7th, 2018 If you forgot everything you learned back in your earlier school days about Greek mythology, don’t worry; we’re not going to quiz you. But we will tell you that a lot of what you learned about in about the Greek…

Just Let Go:15 Ways to Master the Art of Swallowing Your Pride

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UPDATED May 7th, 2018 It’s happened to all of us. At some point or another, we’ve had a time in our lives when we’ve made a messy mistake. It’s never easy to swallow your pride and admit you’ve made an error, but if you learn from…

Biblio-Zen: 6 of the Best Meditation Books to Get You in the Mood

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UPDATED May 4, 2018 One of the most useful tools you can have in your arsenal is a list of the best meditation books. When your day seems overwhelming you have a choice: you can succumb to the stress, or you can find a healthy way to cope…
8 Tips to Help You Stop Being Defensive-MainPhoto

8 Tips to Help You Stop Being Defensive

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UPDATED April 26, 2018 Last week I looked over some old press clippings about myself from 10 years ago, profiles in places like the New York Times and Chicago Tribune. The articles talked about me in the context of the release of my first…

20 Ways You are Being a Total Hypocrite

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UPDATED April 26, 2018 Just admit it. We’re all hypocrites from time to time. Obviously none of us try to be, but it can happen to the best of us and, as it turns out, it’s not our fault at all. “Hypocrisy is the natural state of the…
Plan of Attack: 15 Healthy Living Habits to Start Now -MainPhoto

Plan of Attack: 15 Healthy Living Habits to Start Now

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Updated April 24, 2018 With summer around the corner and the nicer weather inspiring you to all new heights, why not start some new healthy living habits that will last a lifetime, if not into the fall at least? We humans are creatures of…
12 Songs for Saying “I’m Sorry”-MainPhoto

12 Songs for Saying “I’m Sorry”

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UPDATED April 18th, 2018 National Reconciliation Day actually exists (April 2nd). It originated in post-Apartheid South Africa, as a way of cementing bonds between black and white South Africans and closing the door on the ugly period of…