You Got This: 8 Ways to Think About How to be Disciplined

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The person who once said when there’s a will there’s a way knew the potency of human willpower. But when it comes to change, old habits can be hard to break, and it seems that we fail more often than we succeed. At its essence, when it…

10 Surprising Ways to Ignite a Positive Attitude

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Life happens and sometimes it seems impossible to maintain a positive attitude no matter how hard you try. And sometimes you just wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Whether your challenges are big or small, a bad attitude only makes everything…

9 of the Best Apps that Actually Make You a Better Human Being

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We know, we know: you already know all the best apps. But, come on, indulge us. It’s the New Year, and there’s never been a better time to adopt some new habits, accomplish some new goals and set the tone for a successful and happy year…

Power ON: How to Be Stronger and Never Come Across as Meek

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Everyone knows how to be stronger physically; the real trick is figuring out how to be mentally strong. First and foremost, you have to truly know, and believe in, yourself. Make the words of two of our greatest thinkers your mantra: No one…

Feeling Guilty? How to Give These Emotions a Swift Kick in the Butt

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With daily responsibilities of work, family and self-care, we often find ourselves feeling guilty, frustrated, over-stretched, and downright hard on ourselves for not accomplishing everything. Everyday pressures can make us imperfect people…

Goal Setting : How to Get the Heck Out of Your Own Way and Actually Grow!

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New Year's resolutions are all about goal-setting, but how do you actually reach those goals once you've set them? That's the tricky part! And many times you are your own biggest obstacle. We're all guilty of self-sabotage from time to time…

10 Ways You Are Guilty of Rampant Self-Sabotage

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Are you guilty of self-sabotage? Do you find yourself creating an issue or a problem where there isn't any just because you’re afraid of failure or frightened? Perhaps internally you’re sending yourself a negative message, and although…

How to be Successful and Map Your Year for Total, No-Nonsense Results

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You want to know how to be successful in the New Year? Be sure to map it out then. Grab some paper and colored markers because your creative brain transcends your logical mind. And since it’s known that humans have limited willpower, giving…

Holy Aromatherapy: 7 Reasons The Essential Oils World Is Obsessed With Palo Santo

Considered the aromatherapy of ancient spirits, and literally translated into “Holy Wood”, Palo Santo is gaining popularity as the new “it girl” in the new age, essential oils world. With aromatherapy tinged notes including citrus…