How Becoming a Mother Cured My Eating Disorder

For most of my life, I’ve struggled with disordered eating. Prior to getting married, I saw a renowned therapist in my area. She helped me understand what healthy eating and a functional relationship with food looked like. But I had little…

Party Over? Beat the Post-Holiday Blues

First we prep for Thanksgiving and if that weren’t an ordeal in and of itself, we are immediately greeted by Black Friday. That’s the Holiday kick off. We get all revved up by stores’ ads, carols, tree-lighting events, family dinners,…

How Not to be The Grinch This Christmas!

We all know who The Grinch is—that nasty, green-colored creature of Dr. Seuss’ imagination. He stole Christmas, nearly ruined everything, and then repented at the eleventh hour. Well, you don’t have to literally steal gifts out from…

How to Find “Me Time” During the Holidays

My mami likes to tell me about how, when I was a child, she’d have to make sure I took a break every day during the Christmas season for some “quiet time” by myself. It seems if I didn’t, the holiday hubbub would get to me and I would…

3 Steps to Create Inner Calm

More than ever, we are bombarded with distractions that pull us away from the present moment. For example, you are having breakfast and the phone rings—you answer, but also receive a text while you are trying to talk and then hear a ding…
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10 Inner Beauty Steps to Stop Feeling Invisible

  Actualizado (UPDATED) el 1st de agosto de 2016 It’s a common complaint among older women: People don’t look AT me anymore; they look THROUGH me. When an older friend recently revealed that she struggled with feeling invisible,…