15 Reasons Why Rituals Make Us Awesome

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Despite your best efforts, sometimes life can get crazy. Between stress at work, juggling friends and loved ones, and the constant demands of your kids, life is messy. If you are nodding your head as you read this, you are not alone. So how…
12 Breathing Techniques that will Improve Your Life-SliderPhoto

8 Breathing Techniques that will Improve Your Life

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Breathing is the first and the last thing we do in this life. We are so used to this that we really don’t consider think about it. Between birth and death, we breathe unconsciously millions of times. Regardless of your age, your lifestyle,…

11 Surprising Things that Will Give You a Better Night’s Sleep

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Sleep is more than flipping your off switch for the night. It’s absolutely necessary for recharging your batteries! It’s critical to get as much of the highest quality sleep as possible but the sad fact is that most of us aren’t getting…

The Secret Power of Hugs: 9 Reasons Why Embracing Matters

Here are two words that can fix almost any relationship: bear hug. The benefits of hugging are many. We hug to show love. We hug to show support and sympathy. Hugs demonstrate the joy of greeting and the sorrow at saying goodbye—that last…
5 Tips to Pamper Your Inner Goddess-SliderPhoto

5 Tips to Pamper Your Inner Goddess

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For moms especially, it’s difficult to schedule ‘me-time’ when so much of our lives revolve around the well-being of others. But did you know that making self-care a daily habit not only alleviates stress, but it also contributes to…
Lorraine Ladish & Ana Flores at LATISM 13

Lorraine Ladish Talks #InspireCare at Latism 13

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At LATISM 13, Mamiverse Editor-in-Chief, Lorraine Ladish, chats with Ana Flores about what #InspireCare means to her. During their talk at the Johnson & Johnson suite, the busy mom and media maven shares her thoughts on how she takes care…

Five At-Home Gel Manicure Kits You Should Own

If you’ve been getting a gel manicure for years, it can hard to let the habit go. But let’s face it: weekly gel nails are pricey, and we don’t always have the time to go to the salon right when our mani is crying for it. Luckily, at-home…