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Wind Down Now: How to Properly Decompress After Work

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After a stressful day at work, all you want to do is come home, wind down, and plop your feet up on the coffee table with a pint of ice cream and watch a Game of Thrones marathon. While we all admit that there is nothing more heavenly that…

10 Things Career Moms Always do to Strike a Great Work-Life Balance

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Are you soaked in guilt that you are ruining your kid’s childhood with your career? Do you often feel your family responsibilities are taking away chances for your career to skyrocket? Being a full-time working mother can lead to feelings…

Start with Art: How to Love Yourself More Through Creativity

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In a perfect world you love yourself effortlessly. In this world everyone would accept who they are, what makes them unique and wonderful and would walk with confidence, embracing their unique qualities. But the sad reality is that loving…

Unconditional Love: 5 Deep Conditioner Treatments for Silky Locks

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Does your hair feel like something you might find in a horse’s stable? If you said yes to straw-like hair, then it’s time for a deep conditioner that will turn those dehydrated locks into lustrous strands suitable for a Pantene ad. Like…

Back Up: How to Improve Posture & Not Screw Up Your Spine

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How to improve posture seems to be a topic that’s on everyone’s minds, especially since most of us sit and stare at screens all day. Regardless of how healthy you try to be and how much you may focus on your well-being, we’re willing…

Hack Alert: 10 Uses of Vinegar You Didn't Know

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We bet you haven't thought of the many uses of vinegar. In your busy world where you barely have time to go to the supermarket, it's nice to know that a few key items in your pantry are far more useful than you thought. You know that bottle…

Power Posturing: Sleeping Positions Meaning and What They Say About You

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Sleep positions meaning is a thing, and we're not just talking about what kind of pillow you should buy or how annoyed your partner will be if/when you kick them in the gut all night long. The connection between sleep positions and personality…

Skipping the Salt for a Low Sodium Diet: Using Herbs to Flavor Your Food

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In case you haven’t heard, having a low sodium diet is the way to go. Too much salt in your diet is definitely a bad thing. From increased blood pressure to diabetes, even stroke, consuming more than the newly recommended 1,500 mg per day…
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Go Ahead, Hit Snooze: 10 Health Benefits of Sleep

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Actually, it seems if you don’t snooze, you lose. There are many benefits of sleep, which means we should all probably snooze a whole lot more. While those who sleep in are often identified as being lazy, they are in fact wiser and more…