Wind it Down: How to Get Yourself Early to Bed

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Are you a night owl with early bird work responsibilities finding it hard to get yourself early to bed? Aside from cutting down on your caffeine intake, winding down from your wound-up day takes planning ahead along with a few mental and physical…

Now Hear This: 5 Myths to Dispel About Ear Cleaning

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We can still hear it now: “Don’t forget to clean your ears!” our mother would scream. As adults we now know she meant to clean around and behind the ears, not so much scrubbing the inside of our ears, but still, ears were a big focus…

10 Surprising Facts About Dry Scalp & Dandruff

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We all have had to either kindly let someone know, or have been told ourselves, to brush off that white stuff (which wasn’t snow) off a black sweater. Though it’s a mild dermatological problem, nobody likes to have to deal with a dry scalp.…

8 Reasons Why Everyone is Talking About the Moringa Tree

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The Moringa Tree (Moringa oleifera) is native to North India that’s been nicknamed “the miracle tree” and the “tree of life” for its superfood properties. Virtually every part of the tree is edible and packed with nutrients. According…

10 Reasons why Chronic Inflammation is Your Body’s Archenemy

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If you have ever had a migraine, cut yourself or had a sore throat, you have experienced chronic inflammation. Inflammation is the body’s attempt to remove the outside stress and start the healing process.  Because inflammation is part…

The On-Demand Reboot: How to Get Energy Right Now

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How to get energy – that is the million dollar question. When extra-long days of work and socializing become the norm during the holiday months, all of us crave a little more of whatever it is that the Energizer bunny is having. There are…

How to Experience a Full-Fledged Vacation without Ever Leaving Your Couch

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Staycation is a fancy term for spending your vacation at home and hopefully from the comforts of your couch. The secret to enjoying time off, on your couch, is to forget about your daily routines and truly make it a vacay.  Don’t do the…

Headache Remedies: How to Nip an Awful One in the Bud

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Raise your hand if you need ideas for headache remedies like now. Nothing can interrupt your day and damage your mood quite like a headache. They can come out of nowhere, and leave you completely sidelined, unable to function and totally miserable.…

10 Running Benefits that Will Convince You That Time You Run a Marathon

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For centuries mankind has been keenly aware of running benefits and has travelled long journeys on foot to center themselves or seek answers. Choosing to run a marathon can give you a renewed sense of purpose and help you feel more grounded.…