10 Common Summer Sickeness Facts to Know About

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UPDATED May 3rd, 2018 We all know that winter is cold and flu season, but that’s no reason to stop the self-care and good hygiene as the weather warms up. There are all varieties of summer sickness (think summer rash and e-coli) that you…
Plan of Attack: 15 Healthy Living Habits to Start Now -MainPhoto

Plan of Attack: 15 Healthy Living Habits to Start Now

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Updated April 24, 2018 With summer around the corner and the nicer weather inspiring you to all new heights, why not start some new healthy living habits that will last a lifetime, if not into the fall at least? We humans are creatures of…

Old School Rules: 8 Things You can do with a Hot Water Bottle

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UPDATED April 20th, 2018 If you just scratched your head for a few minutes trying to remember what a hot water bag is, then we're right there with you. We had to Google it. Turns out a hot water bottle is that plastic sack that looks kind…

Heat Seekers: 10 Benefits of a Sauna and Steam Room

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UPDATED April 20th, 2018 You've probably seen those mysterious looking rooms hidden in the back corner of your gym locker room or the hotel spa—but have you ever really wondered about the benefits of a sauna or steam room? Have you ever…

Sound Therapy: 10 Reasons Why You Should Experience a Sound Bath

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Although a sound bath does not require any water, it does require a want for the ultimate relaxation. This trendy therapeutic practice is a form of meditation, facilitated by an environment with chimes, gongs, chanting, and musical bowls.…

Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself: 8 Books that will Stamp Your Self-Pity Out

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A good book has the power to not just change your actions, but also change your attitude so that you can make big improvements to your life. So if are desperate to figure out how to stop feeling sorry for yourself (hey, it happens to the best…

Bugging Out: 10 Mosquito Bites You Want to Avoid

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If someone asked you what the most dangerous animal in the world was you’d probably answer either humans, sharks or snakes, right? Bill Gates took on this same question in his blog The Deadliest Animal in the World stating: “It depends…

Laying it Down: The Best Sleeping Position

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At the end of a long day do you sometimes feel like you could sleep anywhere? You could fall asleep at the kitchen table, on the bus, on your kid’s floor, or even on the toilet. But the best sleeping position has an impact on how you’ll…

The Professional Cuddle Buddy: It’s a Thing

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Who doesn’t love a good cuddle buddy? At the end of a long day, or when you just need a little extra loving, a little snuggle with someone can go a long way to make you feel better. And it’s not just in your head that you feel better after…