Tips for a Happy, Safe Halloween with the Littles!-SliderPhoto

Tips for a Happy, Safe Halloween with the Littles!

Whether you’re a Halloween newbie or a seasoned trick or treating pro, it’s sometimes easy to forget the simple steps that go along with trick or treating with your kids. Life gets hectic and we may skip a step or two in a hurry. Here…
Peruvian Mother Overcomes Stroke Through Quick Action of Her Husband-MainPhoto

Quick Action Saves Mom After a Stroke

When Noelia Chumpitaz’s husband, Rafael, tipped the scales at 250 pounds, she made it her mission to educate her family about the risk of stroke. A month later, that education saved a life—hers. In May, Noelia attended an American Heart…
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Online Dating Safety Tips

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I first ventured into the world of online dating at 28. It was right after a break-up and I was tired of sobbing in between bites of Haagen-Dazs ice cream. With trepidation, I set up a profile to meet a potential match. I hyped myself up,…
Why That Text Really Can Wait-MainPhoto

Texting & Driving Dangers for Teens

It’s 7 AM on a weekday morning. My husband hands our children their backpacks, we say our goodbyes, and we’re off. The kids and I hop into my car so I can take them to school before I head to the TV studios for a morning news segment.…
Are Teen Drivers Aware of the Risks?-SliderPhoto

Are Teen Drivers Aware of the Risks?

Few things can make parents’ hearts sink to their stomachs more than seeing their teenagers behind the wheel of the car, leaving for a night out with friends. No matter how much you trust your teen, the fact is that car accidents are the…
How I Fought Back Against Carjacking-MainPhoto

How I Fought Back Against Carjacking

It was a balmy Chicago summer night in 1998. My 12-year-old sister and I were headed to my boyfriend’s grandparents house with a platter of freshly grilled steaks. I had a nice car—a Jaguar XJ6c—which I was quite proud of. We were in…

Help Kids Play it Safe in the Summer Heat

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Believe it or not, despite deadly tornados, hurricanes and floods, heat is still the number one cause of weather-related deaths in the US, resulting in hundreds of fatalities every year and even more hospitalizations. For children, especially…