How to Discuss Columbine With Your Kids-MainPhoto

How to Discuss Columbine With Your Kids

Who can forget the images from April 20, 1999, as we watched what was until then the worst school shooting in history unfold on television news. When it was all over, 15 people at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, were dead, including…
10 Women Who Fought Back Against Their Attackers-MainPhoto

10 Women Who Fought Back Against Their Attackers

We’ve all heard stories of mothers lifting automobiles in order to free their trapped child underneath, right? Well it’s true that the initial blast of adrenaline can give us our own version of super powers, it’s also very true that…
Are You Ready for a Teen Driver?-MainPhoto

Are You Ready for a Teen Driver?

It’s hard to believe your child, the one you constantly hound to get homework done and has difficulty finding his shoes, is ready for a driver’s license. He turns 15 and you think to yourself, "he's just a teenager." Next thing you know,…
Spring Cleaning For Your Baby-MainPhoto

Spring Cleaning for Your Baby

Spring cleaning is a common practice for many families. We often take extra time to dust, clean closets, and shampoo upholstery in the spring but, when we have a baby, there are some special baby safe cleaning procedures that should be added…
How to Recognize Signs of Sexual Abuse in a Child-SliderPhoto

What Are the Warning Signs of Childhood Sexual Abuse?

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In the wake of Dylan Farrow’s explosive open letter detailing sexual abuse at the hands of her adoptive father, director Woody Allen, the allegations seem to have arrived at the same stalemate they did back in 1992, when the shocking scandal…
Estate Planning Basics for Blended Families-SliderPhoto

Estate Planning Basics for Blended Families

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With the high incidence of divorce, remarriage and children born outside of marriage, the “new normal” is being part of a blended family. Hopefully all the family members are important and loving parts of the new family and they are treated…
Self-Defense Is it always wise to fight back?-MainPhoto

Self-Defense: Is It Always Wise to Fight Back?

If you were confronted or assaulted in a robbery or some other crime, would you know how to defend yourself? Should you even attempt self-defense, or just give your assailant what he wants and hope to escape without violence? It’s a question…
5 Most Common Choking Hazards for the Holiday Season-MainPhoto

5 Most Common Choking Hazards for the Holiday Season

The holidays are a time for fun, festivities, and enjoying your friends and family. Much of this time centers around eating together, whether at the office Christmas party or at a relative’s table for Thanksgiving. While you should remain…
Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe During the Holidays-SliderPhoto

Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe During the Holidays

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The last things parents want to think about at the holidays is their kids being in some type of jeopardy. But like it or not, the holidays present some unique situations that could make your kids vulnerable to unwanted touching. Awful, but…