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Go Time: 8 of the Best Family Vacations for Spring and Summer

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UPDATED June 13th, 2018 It’s spring! Finally! And while this warmer, sunnier and more cheerful season is a welcomed change from winter for many people across the country, it also comes with its own challenges, like planning the best family…

Bath Time Fun!

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The only thing cuter than a giggling baby in a tub is a dachshund playing with a giggling baby in a tub. For more fantastic MamiTV videos and content, visit Mamiverse!

Dog Gives Crying Baby a Cookie

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This sweet little dog was willing to share his cookie, not once, not twice, but three times, to appease this crying baby. Talk about mother’s little helper! For more fantastic MamiTV videos and content, visit Mamiverse!

Mama Bear Rescues Baby Bear

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When this bear cub found itself trapped atop this homeowner’s garage door, it had to find its own way down. You won’t believe how he did it. Meanwhile, Mama Bear came to rescue her adorable cub. Sort of. She seemed to be telling her cub,…

Dancing Doggy, Laughing Baby

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What’s sweeter than a baby’s laughter? Not much in our book. Except maybe a baby laughing to a dancing doggy! For more fantastic MamiTV videos and content, visit Mamiverse!

Dog Thinks Baby is a Dog

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In this adorable video, a dog confuses a baby wearing a puppy dog costume as another dog. And what do dogs do when they happen upon another dog? Start viewing at 1:30 for the cute stuff. You may want to mute, as suggested by one viewer. We repeat:…

Lion Tries to Eat Baby

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This little guy wasn’t the least bit phased by this lion at the Portland, Oregon, zoo trying to eat him. Some people were, however, expressing concern about the child’s safety and nominating this mom for “worst parent of the year.” Good…

Narvaez Family’s Kite Fishing Adventure

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We’ve long been fans of the Narvaez family, following the adventures of single dad Jorge and his two adorable daughters, Alexa and Eliana on their YouTube Channel Reality Changers. In this recent video, Jorge takes the girls on a family outing…

Blind Dog Rescued, Sees Again

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One of the most heart-warming tales of dog rescues we’ve seen. Fiona went from flea-infested to fabulous! The once blind dog’s sight was restored. Dare you to watch and not be moved. For more fantastic MamiTV videos and content, visit M…

Beyonce, World's Tiniest Dog a Survivor

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Talk about a survivor! This little pup, the runt of the litter, was born not breathing, but with a little CPR and mouth to mouth resuscitation managed to survive, resulting in her being named after Beyonce, who along with her former Destiny’s…