The Funky Mama: New Rules for Hip Baby Shower Ideas

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If you've just learned that your hip BFF is now a hip mom-to-be, you need some cool, non-traditional baby shower ideas to celebrate the new arrival. The keys to a successful bash are showering the new mom with love, ensuring she gets all the…

Alternative at the Altar: 15 Ways to Have a Non-Traditional Wedding

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In a world where marriage is being redefined, many brides are opting for a non-traditional wedding. Rather than throwing out all of the old customs, they prefer to add their own unique twist to this beloved institution and making their special…

Surprise Party Ideas & Tips for an Epic Celebration

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Surprise party ideas are fun to think about. They are a chance to treat someone you love to a celebration…a celebration that they have no part in planning. You’ll show them how much you care by gathering everyone they love in one room…

Slumber Party Ideas for the New Era

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The slumber party is an age-old right of passage for tween girls. Boys like a good sleepover too, but, for girls, they're truly a special bonding experience. Most moms have fond memories from their childhood, however hosting a slumber party…

Tea Time: Great Tea Party Ideas to Try Right Now

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January is National Hot Tea Month and we've rounded up some fabulous tea party ideas so you can celebrate this cozy beverage in style. If you're planning a wedding or baby shower, an afternoon tea party is perfectly lovely. It's also a great…

Hosting In the New Year: 3 Great Dip Recipes

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The New Year is upon us and dip recipes are a staple for planning upcoming celebrations throughout the year. As a party starter everyone loves a good dip, and these three dip recipes are a delightful variation on the theme. The Crab Rangoon…

Narrow it Down: 13 Theme Costume Parties Ideas to Make this Halloween Memorable

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UPDATED: August 1st, 2016 Not going trick-or-treating this year? Halloween is your jump-start to throw that detailed theme party that everyone will be done with by New Year’s Eve. The first of the highly decorative holidays, there are countless…

20 Offbeat Birthday Party Ideas for Your Eccentric Kid

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Do you have a weird kid? Many of us do. Find yourself surprised by their choices in music and food? Preferences that surpass your own from time to time? Us, too. It’s because of these kids’ awesome and offbeat nature that we’ve struggled…

5 Ways to Take Sequins From Day to Night

Sequins can easily transition from day and night. Aside from a great cocktail in hand, nothing says, "It's the holidays, and I'm ready to party!" than a bit of glitz and glam. But when you're heading to the festivities straight from work,…