Best Latino Vids of 2011

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We first fell in love with single dad Jorge Narvaez and his adorable six-year-old daughter Alexa almost exactly one year ago when their first YouTube video went viral. Their heartfelt cover of Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros was…

34 Weeks Pregnant Dancing to Lady Gaga’s 'Bad Romance'!

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All you pregnant ladies—this is a celebration! This awesome mami is a great example of how much fun pregnancy and staying fit can be. And with a fabulous dose of Puerto Rican pride. So follow her lead and turn up your music, show off your…

Music Makes Us Human

You don't want to sit there crying like a sap in the middle of a church, but sometimes it just happens. At least, that's what happened to me recently as I watched my ten-year-old son Alexander, a budding drummer and percussionist, perform…

Mini Daddy: New Mexican Rap Star?

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Nothing brings a parent more joy than to see their child express themselves through music. This gifted wonder is taking the world by storm. Check him out and feel his vibe. Great future ahead of this little marvel. For more fantastic MamiTV…
Adele via Mexican Teen Talent

Adele via Mexican Teen Talent!

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A trio of insanely talented Mexican siblings makes up the band Los Vàzquez Sounds. Lead singer Angie is only 10-years-old! She is backed up by her equally talented brothers Gustavo (13) and Abelardo (15). Their cover of Adele’s Rolling…
Merengue-Dancing Puppies

Merengue-Dancing Puppies!

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These little guys really know how to move their hips! Beyond adorable! For more fantastic MamiTV videos and content, visit Mamiverse! Related Video: Stuart the Dog Dances Salsa
Rita Moreno & Animal

Rita Moreno & Animal on 'The Muppet Show'

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Our queen, Rita Moreno, at the peak of her glamorous, comedic charm sings the torch classic Fever with back up from Muppet drummer, Animal. It's a must-see vintage moment! For more fantastic MamiTV videos and content, visit Mamiverse! Related…
Country-Style Quinceanera

Country-Style Quinceañera

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Smooth moves and matching belt buckles! Keep watching; these kids are good! For more fantastic MamiTV videos and content, visit Mamiverse! Also Enjoy: Quince Crashers
Country-Style Quinceanera

Amazing 9 Year-Old Hip Hop Dancer

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This little girl has swagger! Emily is an amazingly talented example of how it's possible to be a great dancer no matter your age. If you're having trouble getting your kids off the couch, this video will definitely inspire them to bust a move!…