Basil White Wine Sangria-MainPhoto

Mamiverse Mixology: Basil White Wine Sangria

Here's a beautiful, delicious suggestion for your guests at all your celebrations...a refreshing and colorful Basil White Wine Sangria. Featuring apples, pears, oranges, and the essence of basil; this sangria is a great way to ring in the…

All About Rum: A Primer & a Punch

Rum is a shape-shifting spirit—there are as many ways of making it and enjoying it as there are cultures that grow sugar—which is of course rum’s origin. Based on archeological evidence, it is at least as old as Alexander the Great,…
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Viva Tequila! Making the Perfect Margarita

Often the villain of tales of college drinking gone awry, tequila gets a bad reputation as a harsh spirit. But one taste of a well-balanced margarita made with quality ingredients, and you’ll know to blame your horror stories on youthful…

El Angel: A Sweet & Heavenly Tequila Cocktail

delicious tequila cocktail earned Master Mixologist Junior Merino his wings as official Ambassador of Mexican Beverages. You are about to find out why this heavenly concoction is called “The Angel.” Keep a jar of simple syrup in the fridge,…
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Blood Orange-Mezcal Margarita

The juices of two varieties of oranges, vermillion in color, make this cocktail stunning to look at and easy to drink. Read Related: Viva Tequila! Making the Perfect Margarita BLOOD ORANGE-MEZCAL MARGARITA Makes: 2 drinks Ingredients Juice…

5 Low-Calorie Sweet Summer Cocktails

What could be better than a summer night with the perfect summer cocktail—without the guilt of empty calories? Yes, it’s true: whether you’re whipping up a batch for guests or just want some quality time with a good cocktail, leave the…