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Vet Love: 20 Facts About Veterans Every American Should Know

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More than a day off from work or even a day of remembrance for the soldiers lost in long ago wars, Veterans Day marks an opportunity to pay homage to those serving during times of war and to honor the soldiers who return from war and persevere…
8 Military Uniforms Even Anna Wintour Would Approve-MainPhoto

8 Military Uniforms Even Anna Wintour Would Approve

Hopefully, you do it every time you get. But just in case, set aside May 17, Armed Forces Day, to thank servicemen and -women of all branches for the sacrifices they make for all of us. President Harry S. Truman was in office when separate…
Jeremy Henwood's final act of kindness

Slain Police Officer’s Final Act of Kindness

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On August 6, 2011 San Diego police officer Jeremy Henwood was killed in the line of duty. At 36, this brave veteran had already survived being deployed twice to Iraq and once to Afghanistan. His final act of kindness—buying cookies for a young…

Women Warriors: Latinas Soldier On

Although only a few of my relatives have served in the military, their time there has had a huge impact on my life. Yes, both my parents are textbook products of the "Baby Boom" and all it symbolizes, but there's more. Because both my grandfathers…