13 Hunks from Copa America 2016

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Copa America 2016 is 32 matches starting June 3 and wrapping up on June 26. For the first time in its 10-year history, the oldest international continental football competition is taking place outside of South America, in 10 stadiums across…

Father Nature: 10 Manly Skills Yours Better Know How to Do Outdoors

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If your man isn’t exactly the outdoorsy type, it’s OK. Some people are just more equipped to live in a city, or at least the comfort of a very well stocked and well-maintained home. But even if your partner is a bona fide city-guy, there…

He-Gifts: 15 Offbeat Stocking Stuffers Your Man Will Absolutely Love

Stumped when it comes to boyfriend gift ideas? Gift-giving season is here which means lots of shopping and even more stressing. Well, look no further. We've done some digging for the perfect present so you don't have to. After all, guys are…

The Single Mingle: 10 Reasons Why Divorced Men are Great Candidates for New Love

Hey, all the single ladies! Ever thought about dating a divorced man? There's nothing like cold weather and holiday parties to really make you miss having a cuddle buddy and automatic plus one. If you've been single long enough to have kissed…

7 Reasons Men Make Great Sounding Boards

What makes a good listener or sounding board? The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Sounding Board as: “a person or group on whom one tries out an idea or opinion as a means of evaluating it.”  When you use someone as a sounding board,…