Your Film & TV Shows Online Guide to What's Streaming in May

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It's a new month and that means you've got a whole new batch of movies and TV shows online and ready to stream directly into your living room or onto a mobile device. According to a recent IAB survey, over three-quarters of Americans stream…

Fab Feb TV! A Roundup of Best New TV Starting Up Again

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It's cold and grey outside, so get cozy on the couch with some of the best new TV shows premiering this February. Despite the ever increasing number of cable and streaming series', primetime network television is still a driving force in evening…

Game of TV Thrones: 10 Late Night Hosts We’ll Always Adore

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September 27 marks the 60th anniversary of the first episode of The Tonight Show on NBC. That’s six decades of late night shenanigans keeping us entertained until bedtime, generations of people held captive by some exceptionally talented…

12 Reasons Why Shark Week is Better than Sex

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Cue the Jaws theme because Shark Week starts August 10 on the Discovery Channel. This thrilling series is one of the most highly awaited weeks in television and it has been for over a quarter of a century! According to Forbes, “This year…

iAge: 14 Reasons Why the Elderly Should Have iPads or Tablets

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The elderly are often cautious when it comes to new technology. We understand that our generation has grown up in an ever-evolving technological climate but, for our parents and their parents, all this new stuff can be intimidating. That said,…
8 TV Shows Kids Love That Every Parent Should Know-MainPhoto

8 TV Shows Kids Love That Every Parent Should Know

Many believe we’re living in the Golden Age of Television, where new hit TV shows, binge-watching series’, and great casts can make keeping up a challenge. Still, there are some TV shows that are incredibly popular with kids and pre-teens…
10 Soap Operas That Changed America for the Better-Photo2

10 Soap Operas That Changed America for the Better

We might not associate soap operas with cutting edge television—leave that to NYPD Blue and The Walking Dead. But when you think about it, soap operas have been a leading force in tackling difficult social problems and helping the American…

President Obama Introduces Television Premiere of "Cosmos"

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On Sunday, President Barack Obama introduced the Fox television broadcast of Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey. President Obama screened Cosmos at the White House Student Film Festival, where he spoke about how NASA had reported it discovered 700…
7 TV Commercials That are Offensive to Latinos-MainPhoto

7 TV Commercials That are Offensive to Latinos

Over the last decade, companies have come to discover the spending potential of the Latino community in the U.S. But, more often than not, their efforts to woo Latinos have gone terribly wrong. These commercials range from laughably clueless…