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Touch Much? 10 Reasons Why Holding Hands Changes Everything

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UPDATED August 1st, 2016  There really is no getting around the fact that holding hands is plain old awesome. And it’s a public display of affection that does far more than just make us feel good. Holding hands in a relationship is a catalyst…

Pop Gossip: 10 Reasons Why We Don’t Want to Believe the Beyoncé & Jay Z

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It was the elevator fight of heard ‘round the world when Jay Z and his wife’s sister Solange had the infamous altercation that started it all. What did it start? Well, aside from rumors about Solange’s mental and emotional stability,…

A Lost Art: 15 Reasons Why Couples Stop Kissing

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We would all likely agree that kissing is important, right? And yet, over time many couples simply stop kissing. Sadly, the art of kissing somehow fizzles. But why? Well, we’re busy and tired and have too much going on. We forget to say…

Cuddle Up: 10 Reasons Why You Should Get Cozy with Your Partner at Night

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While it’s true you may sometimes be tempted to chew your arm off rather than remove it from under your slumbering mate or child to risk waking him or her, you can’t deny it feels good to snuggle up close to the people you love. The benefits…

Do Stuff: 14 Reasons Why Finding Hobbies is Great for Your Relationship

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A happy and successful relationship has many facets, which include finding hobbies. One of the things that makes a great relationship is maintaining a sense of individuality—each party contributing their uniqueness to the shared experience,…

The Eva Mendez-Ryan Gosling Effect: 15 Things Every Bi-Racial Couple Should Know

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UPDATED August 1st, 2016 Biracial couples are so hot right now. Think Eva Mendez and Ryan Gosling. Interracial marriage has increased steadily over the past few decades and it’s something we’re super excited about. A Pew study found that,…

10 Reasons Why Your Man Has Checked Out

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Okay, so we never saw John Wayne cry but that doesn’t mean he was without feelings. So if men have feelings, why don’t they express them? They shout at quarterbacks on TV, they’re quicker to get into a bar fight than we are, and they…

20 Awesome Gay Honeymoon Hotspots

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Even though the jury might still be out in many states about gay marriage, awesome honeymoons are still fair game for all. The good news is that honeymoon locations have really evolved over the years. Today more and more honeymoons are being…

30 Reasons Why Beyoncé and Jay-Z Still Have it ALL Figured Out

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We’ve been hearing a lot about Beyoncé and her man, the powerful Jay-Z, all because of the little elevator incident (“Elevator-Gate”) with Yoncé’s sister, Solange. Turning back to what’s really important, let’s remember that…