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How to Talk to Your Man About Sex

Many women aren’t sure how to talk about sex with their partners. Obviously, if you want to improve your sex life and your relationship, communication is key. However, some men can be a bit touchy when it comes to discussing their performance…

Proposal Ideas : Should You be the One to Pop the Question to Him?

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Traditional marriage proposal ideas involve the man asking for his future father-in-law's blessing before getting down on one knee to pop the question over a candle-lit dinner. Or perhaps making a spectacle of having his proposal scrawl across…

Myth Buster: Faking It Will Help Keep Your Partner from Cheating

Myth: Fake Orgasm Will Help Keep Your Partner from Cheating Bust: Wrong. Although that didn’t stop women from resorting to fake orgasm to keep a man.. More than half (54%) of women surveyed admitted to faking orgasm, and, “women who thought…

Sex Update: 8 Reasons Why You Need OM Meditation in Your Life

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OM meditation, or Orgasmic Meditation, has been around for a while but it's gaining converts since Nicole Daedone's 2011 TED Talk. Daedone is the author of Slow Sex: The Art and Craft of Female Orgasm and founder of One Taste, the San Francisco…

Your Game Plan for Anti-Cliché Valentine's Day Ideas

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If the standard candlelight dinner just doesn't do it for you, we've got some Valentine's Day ideas that are all about cliché-free romance. There's so much pressure to make this the most romantic, sexy night of the year that it's easy to…

Making the Time: 12 Reasons to Have Date Night for Married Couples

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Date night for married couples, you ask? Heck yes. Here’s why: When you first begin dating someone it's exciting and passionate. You want to spend every waking moment together and your focus is 100% on your partner. For better or for worse,…

The Elegant Split: Divorce Advice on Parting Ways with Total Integrity

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If you are one of the millions of women across the U.S. dealing with divorce, you are aware of how much divorce advice you actually need to attempt to part ways with integrity. We all want to do the right thing, but after so much emotional…

Heartbreak Crushing: Getting Over Someone and Starting Again

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We’ve all been there, sister. The horror of getting over someone, the pains of a terrible heartbreak, pulling out your hair in agony and not being able to fathom ever being with anyone else again, because everyone else is at this moment…

Infinite Honeymoon: How to Fix a Relationship & Love Your Partner Anew

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Do you need to know how to fix a relationship? Are you and your partner in a slump? Do you find yourself bickering more these days than cuddling? It’s totally normal for longer-term relationships to lose those initial fireworks you both…