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18 Valentine Quotes that Won’t Make Your Cringe

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We know, you probably not in the mood for a list of Valentine quotes. But come on! Love inspires poets, humorists, skeptics and philosophers to try and capture through words the wonder and mystery of this powerful human emotion. Such quotes…

How to Prime your SO for the Best Engagement Rings

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UPDATED December 1st, 2016 Ah the joy of romance, courtships and engagement rings…you meet, you fall head-over-heels, butt-crazy in love and suddenly you start to see yourself marrying this person and spending you lives together. The logical…

Couples Therapy 101: What You Need to Know About the Process

Everyone in a long-term relationship has at one point thought about couples therapy or marriage counseling. It’s completely understandable. Relationships are hard. But if your relationship has been on the rocks and the thought of sharing your…

How to Catch Your Man Cheating on Social Media

In the age of social media it's more important than ever to know how to catch a cheater. A 2014 study at Boston University found that, "[A] 20 percent increase in Facebook users in a state could be linked to a 2.18 percent growth in the divorce…

How to Fix a Relationship: 13 Activities You Need to Try

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Figuring out how to fix a relationship that's in a rut, stuck in conflict or any other of the myriad difficulties that come up when we're trying to make a perfect union usually isn't a one-time cure-all. Even when you both mean well and sincerely…

Proposal Ideas : Should You be the One to Pop the Question to Him?

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Traditional marriage proposal ideas involve the man asking for his future father-in-law's blessing before getting down on one knee to pop the question over a candle-lit dinner. Or perhaps making a spectacle of having his proposal scrawl across…

Myth Buster: Faking It Will Help Keep Your Partner from Cheating

Myth: Fake Orgasm Will Help Keep Your Partner from Cheating Bust: Wrong. Although that didn’t stop women from resorting to fake orgasm to keep a man.. More than half (54%) of women surveyed admitted to faking orgasm, and, “women who thought…

Sex Update: 8 Reasons Why You Need OM Meditation in Your Life

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OM meditation, or Orgasmic Meditation, has been around for a while but it's gaining converts since Nicole Daedone's 2011 TED Talk. Daedone is the author of Slow Sex: The Art and Craft of Female Orgasm and founder of One Taste, the San Francisco…

Your Game Plan for Anti-Cliché Valentine's Day Ideas

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If the standard candlelight dinner just doesn't do it for you, we've got some Valentine's Day ideas that are all about cliché-free romance. There's so much pressure to make this the most romantic, sexy night of the year that it's easy to…