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Nail Polish Tips and Tricks: The Art of the Fast Dry

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For most of us, the top nail polish tips and tricks we'd really kill for involve how to make nail polish dry faster. There's nothing more aggravating than achieving the perfect manicure only to smudge one nail because you didn't have the patience…

How to Match Your Lipstick Shade to Your Horoscope Signs

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It’s no secret that your horoscope signs can say a lot about who you are and what drives you in terms of your behaviors, your relationships, your goals and your personality. Your sun sign, which is based on the position of the sun and planets…

5 Best Mascaras That Won’t Streak Your Cheeks

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We’ve all been there, mortified with unsightly black streaks running down our cheeks. Let’s face it, if you’re constantly on the run, the last thing you need is for your black mascara to start running on you. You need the best mascaras…

10 New Cute Nail Designs to Rock this Spring

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Spring manicure trends are showing a softer side with cute nail designs that emphasize airy simplicity over baroque embellishments. Instantly freshen up your look with these 10 nail designs. 1. Lucite Sunset Essie's Global Color Designer,…

Danger Zone: 5 Toxic Chemicals You Need to Drop from Your Life

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We are learning more about how many toxic chemicals we're exposed to in our daily lives and their effect on our bodies — short-term and long-term — is truly frightening. Moms everywhere have been both horrified by the scope of Flint, Michigan's…

15 Easy Beauty Hacks to Lessen Under Eye Dark Circles

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UPDATED August 1st, 2016 For years we’ve been engaged in a special type of warfare. We’re not talking nuclear here, nor is it anything international (except when we’re traveling), but we’re betting you’re waging this war, too. What…

Holy Skin: 10 New Ways to Step Up Your Pore Minimizer Game

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Unfortunately there is no permanent pore minimizer. The size of your pores is mostly determined by genetics and age — as you get older your pores get bigger. Of course! But if you think your pores sometimes seem like they're getting larger…

Multi-Masking: the New Beauty Mud Mask Trend

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At last there's a mud mask beauty trend that started on Instagram that truly makes sense (remember Clown Contouring?) It’s a skin care strategy called multi-masking that consists in applying two to three facial masks on different areas…

Lips of Summer: 8 Best Lip Gloss Looks that Smolder

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When it comes to your summer beauty routine, it’s all about the shine—which means it’s time for the best lip gloss. This is the time of year to show off some skin, to embrace your wild wind-blown waves and to let your sun-kissed skin…