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10 U.S. Cities that are Steeped with Latin Culture

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The Latino population continues to grow in the United States and with it Hispanic culture has put its stamp on cities across the country. According to Pew Research, the Hispanic population in America is six times larger today than in 1970.…

15 Ways to Dispel the Cheating Latino Stereotype

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There are all kinds of Latino stereotypes—they’re caliente with seductive love making skills and a sexual appetite that knows no equal. Sadly, that supports the other stereotype about Latinos—all that smoldering sexuality means they’re…

5 Ways Latino Birthday Parties Are Better!

My son just turned 9, and I can’t help but notice how different his birthday party was in comparison to having had one in South America. If you are new to Latino culture, you might not know what to expect from Latino birthday parties. In…
César Chavez´s Legacy-MainPhoto

César Chavez's Legacy

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The protectors of the Cesar Chavez legacy describe the legendary leader as “an ordinary man” who did extraordinary things. Like much of the mythology that has grown around Chavez, this oversimplification does him a disservice and masks…
Pope Francis and His Abuelo Charm-MainPhoto

Pope Francis and His Abuelo Charm

Almost exactly a year ago, I wrote an article about what it felt like to see the election of the world’s first Latin American Pope. I wrote about the surge of pride that we felt in our culture and traditions, which could produce so learned…
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Get Ready for Hispanicize 2014, April 1-4 in Miami

Are you ready to Hispanicize yourself?! Hispanicize 2014 is the fifth annual gathering of the most influential Latino trendsetters and newsmakers in social media, journalism, advertising,  public relations, film and music. PR, film, music…
Did you know Anthony Quinn was Mexican?-MainPhoto

Did You Know Anthony Quinn Was Mexican?

Do you remember Anthony Quinn? He was an Academy Award-winning actor known for playing strong ethnic roles. His most famous performance was as Zorba the Greek, in the movie of the same name (1964), for which he was nominated for the Best Actor…
How the Farm Bill SNAP Cuts Will Affect Latinos-SliderPhoto

How the Farm Bill SNAP Cuts Will Affect Latinos

President Obama, accompanied by Senator Debbie Stabenow and Secretary Of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, visited Michigan State University to sign a five-year, $956 billion farm bill into law. The compromise took almost three years to resolve and…
Spanglish Words You Should Know-SliderPhoto

Spanglish Words You Should Know

Latinos in America have been mixing English and Spanish for so long now, we've got our very own interesting vocabulary. 1. Conflei: Cornflakes, except we call every cereal this. The correct word is cereal. 2. Jamberger: hamburger. The correct…