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Cocina Cool: 10 Hot Latino Chefs to Know Right Now

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UPDATED: August 1st, 2016 Americans have an evolving food palette, which is giving Hispanic chefs an opportunity to shine across the United States. We happen to love all of it, but what we love more is the fact that our Latin flavor is becoming…

The Royals: The 20 Latino Hollywood A-List Who Hold Court Right Now

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Hispanic Heritage month comes just once a year, of course, but we’re proud of the talented Latino actors in Hollywood year round. From the small screen to the big one, from concerts to competitions, these A-Listers show us that Latin power…

Slang Wrangling: 10 Latino Expressions We Can Never Resist

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Spanish slang is often sassy, sometimes inexplicable and all around fun. Honestly, sometimes English just doesn’t have the right words to truly express whatever message it is we’re trying to get across. It’s then that we choose Latino…

Don't Miss a Beat: 15 Facts About Heart Disease & Latinos to Know Now

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Heart disease and stroke rank as the number one killers of Latinos in America. Actually, they are the top killers for all Americans, but Latinos seem to be at a higher risk because high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes are running rampant…

15 Food Trends in America that are Straight Up Latin

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Brazilian chef, Alex Atala recently told Bloomberg, “Latin America has amazing ingredients and great chefs coming up. It’s going to spread across the world.” Well we have news for them, Hispanic food has already spread across the world!…

Motherland Reads: 14 Novels Set in Latin America to Take You Back

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We all miss the motherland from time to time. From the food to the music to the air we breathe there, when we’re back ‘home’ something familiar and quintessential just locks into our soul. Lucky for us, there are plenty of novels written…

The Java Report: 10 Reasons Why Latinos Should Drink Coffee

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Most of us don’t need to be convinced about the benefits of drinking coffee. It used to be that coffee was seen as a bad habit and something that was possibly detrimental to our health. Now, it’s still true that a pot or more per day is…

12 Things You Didn’t Know About the Panama Canal

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The Panama Canal was officially opened on August 15, 1914 to create a faster, cheaper way of shipping merchandise between the Atlantic and Pacific Coasts. As a result, Panama gained independence from Colombia. Now, we’re in favor of independence…

The Need to Read: 10 Hot Latino Writers to Know Right Now

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Take it from us, being a writer is hard work that sometimes seems like it will never pay off. Even notable author Sonia Nazaro says, “I think being a successful book author is difficult.” It’s true that it’s hard to make it as a writer,…