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The J-Lo Down: 20 Awesome Jennifer Lopez Facts

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Ready for the 20 coolest Jennifer Lopez facts you've ever heard? If you don’t like Jennifer Lopez the singer, maybe you like Jennifer Lopez the dancer. Or maybe you’re a fan of J-Lo the actress. At 45, J-Lo is one of the best-known multimedia…

Latinas – Spotting the Signs Early Is Only Half the Battle to Breast Cancer Survival

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There is no real way to describe the overwhelming and emotional reaction one can feel when faced with the possibility of cancer. Even the word cancer itself, can stir a mix of concern and fear among the strongest willed persons. Breast cancer…

Go Girl! 15 Reasons Why Rosie Perez is the Bomb

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Rosie Perez burst on the scene in Spike Lee’s groundbreaking 80s film Do the Right Thing and she has been entertaining us ever since. After countless films and other projects she now joins Whoopi Goldberg on The View, which means our daytime…

She’s the Boss: 15 Female CEOs to Learn from Every Day

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Finding female role models and women leaders in the business world is critical for our success as women. Seriously. Watching what successful women CEOs do and how they handle themselves, their families and their professional lives can teach…

The Royals: The 20 Latino Hollywood A-List Who Hold Court Right Now

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Hispanic Heritage month comes just once a year, of course, but we’re proud of the talented Latino actors in Hollywood year round. From the small screen to the big one, from concerts to competitions, these A-Listers show us that Latin power…
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The Struggle: 10 Reasons Why Latina Actresses Have it Bad in Hollywood

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Despite the success of box office stars Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba and Salma Hayek, famous Hispanic women still have a tough time in Hollywood. Jessica Alba herself summed it up well in an interview with Elle magazine: “I’m half Latin,…

20 Things Latina Moms Can Do to Save Hispanic Culture

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As moms, we sometimes forget how crucial it is to teach Hispanic culture to our Americanized kids. At its core motherhood is very simple—keep your children healthy, safe and happy. Raising kids is hard and life can be complicated. Especially…

10 Latina Politicians You Need to Know Now

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UPDATED August 1st, 2016 Not very long ago being a woman or being Hispanic was very different than it is today—in both cases you would have had to fight for some of your most basic civil rights. Thankfully, we have come a long way and not…

Latin Lovers: The 15 Best Online Places to Find Amor

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Online dating has grown exponentially since it first went mainstream in the 90s. The latest craze in the world of virtual matching are dating apps as well as online dating sites that cater to a specific demographic. Pew Research says 38% of…