Chef it Up: 8 Ways to Improve Your Kitchen Knife Skills

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Do you ever watch professional chefs working their magic with a kitchen knife on TV or at a restaurant and wonder why they make chopping look so easy and effortless, and when you try to cut up a carrot you’re constantly worried you might…

10 Cabbage Recipes Ideas that Prove It’s the New Lettuce

In the gourmet world, cabbage has become the it-leaf, and chefs everywhere are on the hunt for the perfect cabbage recipe. Though it’s often mistakenly lumped into the same category as lettuce because of their similar appearance, it’s…

Berry Ready: 10 Blackberries Recipes to Try this Fall

Ready for a slew of awesome blackberries recipes? Though the pleasure of eating a single blackberry may have inspired an entire cell phone revolution of the same name, it’s still a simple, late summer into autumn treat to us. If you’re…

Kitchen Culture: 5 New Cookbooks We Totally Love

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Whether you are an expert chef or you barely know how to turn on your oven, there are cookbooks that can help you. Some of us cook because it’s our creative outlet; some of us cook to save money or to provide our family with a healthy homemade…

Spice Trails: The Fundamentals of Latin Cuisine

Whether you love to cook or you simply do it out of necessity, there are certain staple items and tools you should always have on-hand to maximize your cooking (and your eating) experience. This is especially true of Latin cuisine, which focuses…

The Thaw Laws: How to Properly Defrost Frozen Items

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In a perfect world there would be no frozen items, you would only eat fresh produce and you would cook every night, without making daily trips to your local supermarket. In the real world that will NEVER happen. Blame your kids or your job…
Empanada Fork-MainPhoto

Easy Empanadas with the Empanada Fork!

My name is Hipatia Lopez, and I’m the creator of the "Empanada Fork" that will help you easily follow my empanada recipe below! During the Thanksgiving holiday season of 2010, my husband Henry, the family chef, and I were preparing 100…