The Cast Iron Skillet: 10 Recipes to Serve Straight from the Pan

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Forget non-stick cookware; a cast iron skillet is practically the only pan you need and it will last for decades. Cast iron can get superhot; it distributes heat evenly and, instead of leaching chemicals into your food, it actually adds some…

Meet Your New # 1: The Tortilla Maker

Newsflash: you need a tortilla maker in your kitchen. If you love Latin cooking, or if you love delicious food, then you probably have a love affair with tortillas. They are thin, light, soft and the perfect pairing for pretty much any dish,…

When to Use Food Processors Versus Blenders

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, then chances are you’re pretty handy with various culinary tools. You’ve got expert knife skills, you’re a pro with slow cooker and you really know your way around a stovetop. But what about…

What's Are Spurtles and Why Your Kitchen Needs One

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Not too many people in the U.S. are familiar with spurtles. but this ancient Scottish cooking utensil has been gaining new fans lately. Why, you may ask? Because everyone's favorite quaint British breakfast food (and the national food of Scotland)…

Slick Choice: What Oil to Use in the Kitchen

Have you ever opened your pantry and felt confounded by what oil to use? If you love to cook (or maybe you just love to eat) then your kitchen is likely stocked with all the ingredients you need to whip up a delicious meal. Every seasoning,…

10 Delicious Things You Can Make with Cheesecloth

If you like to eat, or you watch cooking TV shows then you’ve probably heard of a cheesecloth; you’ve probably even enjoyed the fruits of that cloth’s labor. But have you ever used a cheesecloth? Yeah, neither have we. In fact, until…

How to Clean an Oven Like a Total Pro

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Have you thought about how to clean an oven lately? If you consider yourself to be a clean person then you probably tend to the more visible areas of your home on a regular basis. You clean your floors, make the bed, wash countertops, do the…

From Pizza Stones to Pasta Cutters: The Gear You Need for Real Italian Food

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You don't need to be a master chef to cook show-stopping Italian food like a pro — you just need the right cooking utensils. Didn't your father always say 'Use the right tool for the job'? So stock your kitchen with these Italian cooking…

Chef Talk: How to Make Artichokes Like a Pro

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We love artichokes, but how to make artichokes is a whole other issue. In terms of intimidating vegetables, these guys are pretty high up on the “how do I cook that?” list. They look funny, they seem difficult to make and even more tricky…