Rolled Ice Cream — That's Right, Rolled

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Thanks to 10Below, which opened last year in NYC's Chinatown, rolled ice cream is one of the coolest new food trends sweeping the nation. It may sound odd but this new kind of ice cream has been a popular street food in Thailand for years…

8 Figure-Friendly Ice Cream Sandwich Ideas

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We are huge fans of sandwiches and even huger fans of ice cream, so words can’t begin to describe how we feel about their fusion in the form of (wait for it) ice cream sandwiches. “An ice cream sandwich typically contains 180 calories.…

20 Crazy Ice Cream Flavors that Blew Our Minds

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June 7 is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day, so let’s consider the history of this irresistible treat. It was first invented by the Chinese in 3000 B.C. Marco Polo may have introduced it to Italy and, by the 1500s the Italians were enjoying…
GOYA Ice Cream Sliders: Your New Favorite Summer Sandwich

GOYA® Ice Cream Sliders: Your New Favorite Summer Sandwich

To make the most delicious (and adorable) ice cream sliders, we layered GOYA® Maria Cookies with GOYA® Dulce de Leche and ice cream, and then rolled the mini treats in our favorite toppings. A word of caution: with their small size and big…