Advanced Spring Cleaning: 15 New Ways to Refresh Your Whole Life Right Now

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UPDATED June 11th, 2018  April showers bring May flowers...but first we've got to tackle spring cleaning and taxes! Between putting away all the winter gear to make room in our closets for a pretty new floral frock or two and getting our…

Picking the Best Jewelry Cleaner & How to Properly Clean Your Jewels

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UPDATED June 2nd, 2018  Good news! You don't need to pay big bucks for the best jewelry cleaner, it's actually super easy to whip up in your own kitchen. A few simple ingredients will keep your bling (in the words of Rihanna) shining bright…

Organize and Declutter Your Home Now! 7 Things Parents Needs to Practice Before Back-to-School Fills a House With Grime

Back-to-school means less fun and more work for the entire family. Above all, it means a cluttered home requiring constant tidying and organizing. Sad as it is, a clean home is a school year’s biggest victim. And while disorganization is…

Germ Ninjas: 11 Surprising Ways Germs Sneak Into Your Home

Germs are sneaky little suckers; even when you think your house cleaning skills seem responsibly tidy and dependable, you armed with the best cleaning supplies money can buy, germs creep into your personal space in the most surprising, and…

Close Out the Clutter: 12 Books About Getting Organized

Whether it’s your home or your head, we all create clutter. Peter Walsh, an organizational expert and former host of The Learning Channel's Clean Sweep told WebMd, that he divides our messes into two general types: “Memory clutter is…

Queen of Clean: 10 Laundry Hacks Your Life Needs Now

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Not only does laundry seem like a never-ending chore for most of us, the supplies can get pretty expensive when you add up the cost of detergent, fabric softener, bleach, stain fighter, dryer sheets, etc. It turns out there are quite a few…

14 Things Every Mom Must Know About Keeping a Clean Kitchen

Every mom cherishes keeping her family’s kitchen clean and free from harmful germs. After all, the kitchen is your home’s command central. It’s the first place the kids go when they get home from school, it’s a hub when entertaining…
10 Reasons Why You Should Wash Dishes by Hand-MainPhoto

10 Reasons You Should Be Washing Dishes by Hand

UPDATED August 1st, 2016 May 18 is No Dirty Dishes Day, a day that isn’t about slaving over the sink, but instead, encourages us to avoid dirty dishes in the first place! No dirty dishes means no washing of dishes! For some, this means…
15 Things To Do with a Pair of Torn Pantyhose-MainPhoto

15 Things To Do with a Pair of Torn Pantyhose

If you’ve ever used them to stay warm on a cold day or to hide your less than perfect legs, give thanks for May 15, 1940, the day nylon stockings, the precursor of pantyhose, hit the market. Just as women embraced the style staple, even…