Mother of Mothers: The Origins of Earth Day

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April 22, 2018 marks the 48th anniversary of Earth Day. In 1970, as many as 20 million Americans joined demonstrations to raise awareness about environmental issues across the country. In 2015, over one billion people worldwide are expected…

The Peace People: 20 Historical Pacifists Who Inspired Change

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UPDATED June 17th, 2017 The world is a scary place. It's easy to focus on the things that are going wrong and to worry about those people who are bringing danger and harm. But in honor of World Peace Day on November 17, we thought it would…

Kinship Control: How to Trace Your Ancestry and Make a Family Tree

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Tracing your ancestry and creating a family tree is a fun, fascinating, educational and bonding experience. Almost all of us have those colorful family stories, passed down through the generations, about being descended from a great leader…

5 Life Lessons We Can All Learn from Indigenous Cultures

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Life can get complicated, especially if you get caught up with all the daily distractions, modern sources of stress, and experiences that are often out of your control (but that you try to control anyway). And while there are many perks of…

10 Lessons to Learn from Cesar Chavez Day

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Every March 31 (his birthday) we celebrate César Chávez Day in honor of this inspirational activist and tireless fighter for worker's rights. California signed first official César Chávez Day into law in 2000, adding yet another contribution…

10 Awesome Facts About Afro-Latino Culture

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Afro-Latino culture is a little complicated, often misunderstood and totally amazing. It's human nature to want to be able to put people into easily identifiable boxes and Afro-Latinos just don't fit into one category. The Afro-Latin@ Forum…

What is Hanukkah? 10 Surprising Facts About the Jewish Holiday of Lights

What is Hanukkah and where do Hanukkah traditions come from? Although, it's probably the best known Jewish holiday among non-Jews, many don't really know a lot about exactly what is being celebrated. Hanukkah commemorates two miracles —…

So You Know: The Real History of Halloween (All Hallows’ Eve)

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Before Halloween was taken over by sexy, punny costumes and hoards of candy it was known as All Hallows' Eve — Hallowe'en is a shortened version of Hallows' Even. Most historians believe that around 500 or 600 A.D. Catholic missionaries…

10 Facts About Columbus Day Every American Should Know

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This year Columbus Day falls on Monday, October 12 so start making those Columbus Day weekend plans! But first take a moment to remember that this holiday is much more than a three-day weekend. It originally commemorated the day Christopher…