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The Reproductive Health Debate: Why We Should Be Mad as Hell!

The reproductive health debate is leaving out important considerations. I am a woman. I am a Black Latina. I also happen to be a single unmarried mom to a beautiful daughter, who is half African American. But apparently, I am a scourge on…

Happy Cancer Chick: Comedy, Chemo and the Power of Positivity

Even though there is nothing inherently funny or joyful about cancer, Jenny Saldaña has made it her personal mission to find the bliss in life despite the challenge of such an illness. Jenny is passionate about using her experience as a…

Tips to Help You Choose to Be Healthy

There is knowing what you need to do to be healthy and then there is doing it. And that’s just the rub for most of us, isn’t it?  We know what we need to do.  We rationalize not doing it for a moment, and that landslides into every…

Are Latinos Doomed to be Diabetic?

Are Latinos doomed to be diabetic? As quickly as the U.S. Census numbers for the Hispanic population rise, so do the percentages of Latinos being diagnosed with diabetes. The National Diabetes Education Program reports that 10.4 percent…

Big Babies: A Roly-Poly Roundup of Giant-Sized Newborns

Iowa mom Kendall Stewardson is no lightweight—and neither is her newborn son, Asher. Kendall recently gave birth to baby Asher naturally—no surgery, no epidural—after six hours of labor. That’s an admirable feat in and of itself,…

Medical Myth Buster: Red Meat and Iron

Myth: Eat Red Meat for More Iron Bust: Green vegetables—including kale, spinach, and green collards—and beans are a higher source of iron than meat. Moreover, they provide with nonheme iron, a form of iron that is more readily absorbed when…

3 Tips to Start Your Day In a Healthy Way

Many of us use the momentum of the New Year to get healthy. But what does that actually look like for you? Is your desire to be in good health broken down into tangible goals or is your resolution simply to “get healthier in 2012"? In…

Sh**t Girls Say to Girls with Breast Cancer

Breast cancer survivor, actor and comedy writer Jenny Lidice Saldana has kept her sense of humor while battling breast cancer and turned her experience into this hilarious video, Sh*t Girls Say to Girls with Breast Cancer. This Happy Cancer…
8-Month-Old Hears

8-Month-Old's Reaction When He Hears For the First Time

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This 8-month-old was born deaf and his reaction when his cochlear implant is activated, and he hears for the first time, is absolutely priceless. It's a wonderful reminder of all the good things in the world. For more fantastic MamiTV videos…