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Tousle Muscle: In Defense of Messy Hair

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Whether it’s bedhead on the red carpet or beach waves in an urban setting, messy hair is sexy. As effortless as this looks may seem, believe us, it takes strategy and countless products to craft for the majority. The queen of great hairdos,…

Heads Up: The Truth About Bald Spots & Hair Loss in Women

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As we age a lot of things can change with your looks and your body. Things that used to be perky begin to sag, and while wrinkles and gray hair may get most of the attention, hair loss in women is a serious issue for a lot of people. And newsflash,…

Blow Glow: 10 Tips to Perfectly Blow Out Hair

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Believe it or not, it is possible for you to blow out hair like a pro at home. After all, who has the time or money to go to a salon every time we've got a big presentation at work or a hot date? With a few easy tricks for how to blow dry…

Tresses Stresses: 8 Ways You Are the Cause of Your Own Damaged Hair

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We’re all likely guilty of not paying enough attention to damaged hair. While a nice smile and clear skin can certainly make a big impression, a gorgeous head of hair gets people’s attention as well. And we’re not talking about a perfectly…

Volume Hacking: How to Make Hair Thicker Now

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How to make hair thicker is a question many ladies ask themselves every day. Healthy, shining, full, gorgeous hair is what some of us dream about. We see it on our favorite TV shows and in commercials; don’t we deserve long flowing locks…

Braids for Days: 5 Braided Hairstyles to Try Right Now

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When it gets hot outside you’ll want to stick to fuss-free hairstyles that keep hair away from your face and still look chic. Enter braided hairstyles—yes those same hairdos you wore religiously when you were 10 years old. They haven’t…

Unconditional Love: 5 Deep Conditioner Treatments for Silky Locks

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Does your hair feel like something you might find in a horse’s stable? If you said yes to straw-like hair, then it’s time for a deep conditioner that will turn those dehydrated locks into lustrous strands suitable for a Pantene ad. Like…

What the Pluck: A Hair Removal Products & Treatments Update

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While we all love Frida Kahlo’s style, in reality we wouldn’t want her hairy upper lip or unibrow in our actual lives. No matter what stage of life you’re in hormonally, nobody wants unsightly hair to interfere with their appearance.…

Hue Clue: 9 Things You Must Know About Dying Hair

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Dying hair is a fabulous yet simple way to freshen up your look for spring and it doesn't involve dieting or sweating it out at the gym. Whether you just want to amp up your natural hue or make a total transformation à la Kim Kardashian's…