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Great Hair, Don’t Care: 7 Ways to Make Your Blow Out Last

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A great hair day is sometimes hard to come by. You’re running around, you’re sweating, you’re dealing with some bad-hair-day weather (ugh humidity), and you probably don’t have much free time to make your mane look perfect. So when…

No-Stress Tresses: 8 Good Hair Styles that Always Work After the Gym

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If you thought that actually working out was the hardest part of your gym routine, you were mistaken. Turns out that finding a way to look presentable when you leave the gym is just as much of a challenge, and finding good hairstyles for post-workouts…

Hot Hairstyle: 8 Cute Bangs To Match Your Face

Bangs are back in a big way this hairstyle season. Thanks to celebs like Jessica Biel and Selena Gomez who are rocking the hairstyle trend, it's (once again) time for our obsession with forehead fringe to kick into full-gear. What’s not to…

What You Need to Know About the $400 Dyson Hair Dryer

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Women (and men for that matter) go to great lengths to look their best. And quite often that means investing time and money in the latest and greatest gadgets to get their hair looking perfect. We’re willing to bet that you own a blow dryer,…

Benefits of Onions for Your Beauty Routine

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Onions aren't just a cooking staple, there are some pretty incredible health benefits of onions and their beauty benefits are just as impressive. According to, "Onions are surprisingly high in beneficial polyphenols, which play…

10 Surprising Facts About Dry Scalp & Dandruff

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We all have had to either kindly let someone know, or have been told ourselves, to brush off that white stuff (which wasn’t snow) off a black sweater. Though it’s a mild dermatological problem, nobody likes to have to deal with a dry scalp.…

Bronde: The New Dark Blonde Hair Color Everyone Wants

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Bronde — a fusion of light brown and dark blonde hair — is officially the new It hair color. Blake Lively kicked off the craze last July but always-on-trend Taylor Swift has the ultimate bronde hair color. Other celebs who have jumped…

Suddenly Sleek: Your Fall Hairstyles Update

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No autumn wardrobe revamp is complete without some fab new fall hairstyles for a head-to-toe seasonal update. This year it's all about cool sophistication highlighted by easy, versatile style and color. One of the biggest fall hair trends…

Beautiful Java: The Benefits of Coffee on Skin

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Sure, your morning java is outstanding for waking up your brain, but did you know there are benefits of coffee on skin and hair? The antioxidants and beauty perks your entire body can receive from caffeine are like no other. In fact, Julia…