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20 Easy Ways to Decrease Your Family’s Carbon Footprint-SliderPhoto

Decrease Your Carbon Footprint: 20 Easy Steps Your Family Can Take

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May 29 is Learn About Composting Day. Making your own compost is eco-friendly, cheap and easy to do. Plus, it’s a wonderful way to fertilize your garden plants, fruits and vegetables. In the words of singer, songwriter, Ani DiFranco, “I’m…
How You and Your Family Can Go Green in 2014-SliderPhoto

How You & Your Family Can Go Green in 2014

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Living green is a lifestyle choice espoused by many. A green lifestyle is a conscious choice that takes planning and effort to maintain, but the benefits are worth it. My wife and I are building a brand new eco-friendly home in our community,…
Saving Mama Tierra for Our Children-SliderPhoto

Saving Mama Tierra for Our Children

The other day, my daughter Maya Luna reprimanded me because I almost left a light on as we were headed out of the house. She said "Mama, estas lastimando a Mama Tierra! (Mama, you are hurting Mama Earth!).” I couldn't have been more proud.…

On Arbor Day Plant the Right Tree

Arbor means tree in Latin, and Arbor Day is a holiday where we take time to plant trees. The first Arbor Day was held on April 19, 1872. Today, over 30 countries observe a form of Arbor Day. If you're interested in celebrating this holiday,…

Best Natural Haircare Products

As we become increasingly aware of the dangerous chemicals in conventional cosmetics, natural haircare products are looking more and more attractive. Words like parabens, phthalates and sulfates are reason enough to seek out natural, chemical-free…

Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals: A Threat in Every Home

The World Health Organization (WHO) and United Nations warned about this “global threat” in a recent report. It seems no one is safe, no matter where you live, but infants and children are known to be especially vulnerable. Don’t think…

Citizen Science Projects for Earth Day

This year, if you are looking for a unique way to celebrate Earth Day, consider participating in a citizen science project. Scientists use volunteers across the country to make observations in their environment or community, then record them…

Tata Harper on the Health Benefits of 100% Natural Skincare

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Skincare maven Tata Harper talks to The Etiket Insider about the importance of non-toxic, 100% natural skincare and beauty products. Not only are eco-friendly cosmetics better for the planet, they’re healthier for you and your kids. Think…

Favorite Green Beauty Products

In an era when consumers are increasingly concerned about the environment, and about the potential risks of ingested chemicals and preservatives, it’s no surprise that many beauty companies are now focusing on green beauty products. They’re…