Types of Rice : Red, Black, Brown, White — What's the Diff?

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Did you know that there are probably over 40,000 different types of rice? And you thought it was just a basic cooking staple! We don't need to delve that deeply into the intricacies of this popular gluten-free grain so we'll just cover the…

8 Reasons Why Amaranth Grain is this Year's Quinoa

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Move over quinoa, amaranth grain has arrived! Actually it arrived thousands of years ago and was an Aztec staple until the Conquistadors banned it because it was also a staple of Aztec religious ceremonies. Lucky for us, one of the amaranth…

New Dawn: 10 Ideas to Make Your Everyday Oatmeal Recipe Fancy

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If you're looking for a new oatmeal recipe to get you going in the morning, there are plenty of creative chefs who are completely reinventing this breakfast classic. Oatmeal has numerous health benefits and its high fiber content makes it…

Spice Trails: The Fundamentals of Latin Cuisine

Whether you love to cook or you simply do it out of necessity, there are certain staple items and tools you should always have on-hand to maximize your cooking (and your eating) experience. This is especially true of Latin cuisine, which focuses…

To Wheat or Not to Wheat: 10 Facts to Help Clarify the Truth About a Gluten Free Diet

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To keep a gluten-free diet or not, that seems to be the question for many. But before we go there, the real question is, what exactly is gluten anyway? And what's so bad about it? The debate over gluten is certainly a hot topic for many of…

10 Ideas for Arroz con Pollo—Without the Arroz!

Whether eaten out or made with a cherished family recipe, arroz con pollo, or chicken with rice, is a classic Latin American dish. This Latin staple is so hot it’s made its way into popular culture via the Jay-Z song Girls, Girls, Girls:…
GOYA-Herbed Quinoa Pilaf with Pine Nuts

Herbed Quinoa Pilaf with Pine Nuts

HERBED QUINOA PILAF WITH PINE NUTS Serves: 4 Prep Time: 10 minutes Total Time: 30 minutes Ingredients 2 TBSP GOYA® Extra Virgin Olive Oil, divided 2 TSP GOYA® Minced Garlic, or 1 clove garlic, finely chopped 1 cup GOYA® Quinoa a…
Rise ‘n' Shine Oatmeal-MainPhoto

Kids Corner: Rise ‘n' Shine Oatmeal

Do you usually have breakfast from a drive-thru or instant oats in single serve packages? These on-the-go foods are total diet killers—empty calories lacking in nutrition that will leave you hungry just an hour later. Start breakfast at…
Chipotle Chicken Barley Soup-MainPhoto

Weekend Cooking: Chipotle Chicken Barley Soup

Editor’s Note: Here’s another wonderful installment in our series on Grains. My mami’s kitchen pantry was always well stocked. Beans, sopitas, chiles, and grains were her go-to staples for weekly meals. A pot of beans was always churning…