10 Things We Love About the New Barbie Dolls Collection

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Barbie dolls' proportions have been a bone of contention for ages, blamed for presenting an unattainable ideal of beauty to generations of girls and wreaking havoc on their body image. In 2015 Mattel unveiled the first phase of giving Barbie…

Girls Who Code : 10 Reasons To Get Your Daughters Into Tech

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Reshma Saujani, founder of Girls Who Code, has helped start an unstoppable movement that just keeps gaining momentum. There are far too few women in technology and, until recently, girls have been discouraged from pursuing higher education…

15 Girl Scout Badges We Wish Existed

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To quote Amy Sedaris, “I am an aging Girl Scout.” I can still remember earning Girl Scout badges as a Brownie growing up in New Jersey. I looked forward to our troop meetings and activities and looked up to the older Girl Scouts with all…

Slumber Party Ideas for the New Era

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The slumber party is an age-old right of passage for tween girls. Boys like a good sleepover too, but, for girls, they're truly a special bonding experience. Most moms have fond memories from their childhood, however hosting a slumber party…

How to Raise Daughters With Good Self-Esteem

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Self-esteem is something I lacked when I was younger, from my childhood all through my twenties and beyond. Perhaps that was what triggered my long struggle with bulimia, fortunately now behind me. It´s taken me a lifetime to feel good about…

10 New Braid Ideas for Your Daughter’s Young Coif

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It almost feels like braids are the hot style of the moment for little girls. We can’t say whether it’s inspired by Elsa or Katniss, or both, but trying new braid styles is the perfect trend for our daughters because they keep their hair…