Playing Dumb: 14 Common Tech Issues Every Woman Should Know How to Address

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Let’s face it—the damsel in distress act is a great way to get the tech guy to fix your computer problems at the office. But if you work for yourself or are simply trying to operate your electronics at home, you might not have the time…

Welcome to the Future: 8 Fitness Wearables to Reboot Your Body for the Beach

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In today’s cutting-edge world-o-bots, exercise is not just something you do—you can also wear it, making your fitness regimens not only effective, but also highly trackable. The good and bad news is that cheating is now quantifiable! Today's…
Los Tweens-Why You Insure Should Your Kid's Tech Gadgets!-MainPhoto

Why You Should Insure Your Kid's Tech Gadgets!

Blood rushing to your head.  You’re not sure whether to cry, scream or do both.  But no matter what you do it’s not going to fix it.  If you’ve ever broken, lost or had one of you or your tween’s tech gadgets stolen, you know what…
EMF and Wireless Saturation-MainPhoto

Is Wireless Saturation Dangerous to Our Health?

I recently read about a couple in Barcelona so obsessed with electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that they orchestrated a plan to get rid of the neighbors they believed were responsible for the constant exposure that lead to their migraines, insomnia…