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'Facts of Life' vs. 'The Real Housewives': When Females on TV Supported Each Other

Before Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda, and even before Dorothy, Blanche, Sophia and Rose—there was Jo, Blair, Natalie and Tootie: The first fabulous foursome from The Facts of Life.  These girls essentially gave us all a primer…

The Pain Of Moms Competing Against Moms

The dictionary defines “competition” as “an event in which people try to outdo others". In the instance of mommyhood, such an event is an everyday occurrence for some mothers. Whether it’s trying to look as good as the mom who lost…

Are Deep, Meaningful Friendships a Thing of the Past?

Sometimes I wonder if true, deep, and meaningful friendships are of a bygone era. A neighbor of mine called on New Year’s Eve to wish us well. When I asked her plans for the evening, she said she and her husband were having dinner and martinis…

How to Solve Conflicts at Work

Women are good conflict solvers, so why do we have a hard time doing this at work? I often hear friends, colleagues or clients complain that others don't understand them. "He's not listening to me," or "She doesn't understand what I want."…

How to Manage Your Social Media Accounts

Managing all your social media accounts can seem daunting, but there's a way to do it easily! It can be overwhelming when you have dozens of conversations going on at the same time on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and any other social media…

Why Not all Latinas are Envious

No, not all Latinas are envious, and here's why. It all began with a phone call. My wonderful TV agent, Cindy Mintz of Abrams Artists Agency, wanted to let me know that actress Sara Ramirez had inquired about a meeting with me. My jaw dropped.…

Vacationing with Mom: 4 Valuable Lessons on How to Bond and Survive

In the spirit of love and unity, Mami, my sister, and I decided to spend quality time and take a vacation—together. And my one-year-old niece, who is attached to her mother's breast, literally. Three generations. Our destination: Miami,…

Gloria Rodriguez: You are More Than Good Enough

You areMore than Good Enough, says Gloria Rodriguez to the women who attend her empowerment seminars and workshops. It's also the title of her first book, which tells of her own journey towards self-acceptance and fulfillment. Gloria is an…