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Charming the Queen: 15 Unexpected Ways to Win Over Your New Mother-in-Law

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Ripe with dramatic flair, the daughter and mother-in-law relationship has spawned countless stand-up routines, movie plots and novels. Remember J-Lo and Jane Fonda’s hysterically dysfunctional relationship in Monster-in-Law? Despite being…

Breast of Friends: 20 Ways to Support a Friend Diagnosed with Breast Cancer Memorable

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month so it’s the perfect time to learn about supporting a friend with breast cancer in addition to supporting research and early detection efforts. Since it’s the second most commonly diagnosed cancer…

The Friend Files: 12 Ways to Help Your Kid be More Social at School

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When you think back on your childhood, what do you remember the most? We're willing to bet it wasn't that history test you aced or anything you learned in calculus (or is that just us?). Chances are you remember the birthday parties, the study…

Play Date Patrol: 15 Tips on the Art of Scheduling Plans for your Kids

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If there is one thing the modern mother must master, it’s scheduling the play date. Okay, so there are actually lots of things we need to figure out in early parenthood but knowing how to arrange plans for your kids requires a special finesse…

Timeless Taboo: 10 Reasons Why Talking About Politics Can Ruin Your Day

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It is a basic rule of social etiquette to steer clear of topics like politics. You don’t want to incite anger or passion about anything controversial nor do you want to contribute to a confrontational atmosphere, regardless of the setting. That…

15 ‘Just Because’ Gift Ideas to Give to a Friend

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UPDATED August 1st, 2016 You have to agree that it’s nice to receive little somethings ‘just because.’ Whether you’re the giver or receiver, spontaneous gifts just feel good! They can serve to brighten someone’s day, show appreciation…

9 Reasons Why Cousin Relatinlships are the Next Best Thing to Siblings

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July 24 is National Cousins Day, which means it’s time to celebrate cousin relationships in our lives, the ones many might take for granted for the simple reason that they’ve just always been around. If you were lucky enough to grow up…

The Art of Listening: 7 Reasons Why You Learn More by Keeping Your Mouth Shut

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Verbal diarrhea. We all suffer from it on occasion, it’s just how we are. Many of us adore the sound of our own voices so much that we forget to shut up and listen. Sometimes the people in your life just need someone to talk to—and that…

Textual Healing: 20 Rules on the Art of Texting

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We know. We get it. We’re guilty. Texting is the new talking. A 2011 PewResearch Internet Project study revealed that young adults (between the ages of 18 and 24) exchange an average of 109.5 messages per day. This translates into more than…