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10 Tips on How to be a Good Friend Starting Now

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Sometimes we all need a little reminder about how to be a good friend and how importance friendships are. It's so easy to get caught up in the daily grind — with work, kids, chores, etc. — that before you know it, weeks have gone by since…

When Work & Play Mix: Tips on Workplace Relationships

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Even platonic workplace relationships can be a little tricky to navigate but more and more research is showing that office friendships create a happier working environment, make our jobs more fulfilling and increase productivity. Author of…
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Advice for the Bride: How to Not be The Bride that Everyone Hates

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It never hurts to have a little extra advice for the bride. Granted, a wedding is supposed to be a union between two people who love each other and want to spend their lives together. But as anyone who’s ever planned a wedding or been a…

Making the Best of Long Distance Friendship

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My best friend of almost 10 years, “Anna,” sends me a text from the hospital—she's in labor, she says, and she'll keep me updated as much as possible. Anna keeps her promise and texts me every few hours. Between contractions she tells…
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Moral Code: Would You Cover for a Lying Cheating Friend?

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Do you think it's okay to cover up for a lying cheating friend? Example: it’s Sunday morning, and you let your wife sleep in. You fix the kids a bowl of cereal and plunk them down in front of cartoons. As you wait for the coffee to brew,…

Closeness Chronicles: 6 Ways to Think About Healthy Relationships Now

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At the mention of ‘friends’ does your mind go to a TV show, a song or the image of your best buddy? Throughout our lives, if we’re lucky, we are blessed with healthy relationships. Defining friendship is not the easiest thing but Oprah…

Straight Truth: 7 Reasons to Meet Gay Men as you Search of a New BFF

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This might sound odd, but even if you’re straight we think it’s time you put your focus on how to meet gay men. Life can be tough, but it's way better with a best friend by your side. Some friends offer support, some offer companionship,…

Presence Through Presents: 9 Awesome Best Friend Gift Ideas

It rocks to have some great leads on best friend gift ideas since there’s an incredible amount of pressure on us ladies this time of year. From whipping up the perfect Christmas dinner to delivering the best presents ever to our friends…

The Art of Befriending: 16 Reasons it’s Hard to Make New Friends as Adults

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We have friends throughout our lives—some come into our lives to stay, others drift away. We know that having friends and staying social improves our quality of life and helps us maintain good health. Making friends as an adult becomes much…