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Diary of a Diabetic-Photo2

Diary of a Diabetic, Part 1

Editor’s Note: Diabetes has been described as an epidemic among Latinos and is expected to affect half of the U.S. population by 2020. Type 2 Diabetes affects 1 in 10 Latinos, and Mexican-Americans are the most affected by this disease,…

The Queen of Lean: 7 Questions for Zumba ® Celebrity Instructor, Kass Martin

The very word—Zumba!—makes me want to pop my pelvis, unhinge my hips and expose my midriff. There’s just no getting around it: besides being a dynamic and all-encompassing workout, this exercise craze that has traveled ‘round the globe,…

Workout Media That Actually Works

Perhaps I’m romanticizing the past, but I do recall fondly my days at the gym when I could use a dozen different weight machines or try three types of toning classes. But several years ago I gave it up because I realized that in the time…

How Dare You! The Perils of the Cardio Slog and Benefits of Circuit Training

You have a routine. You walk into the gym, head for your favorite cardio machine, and prepare for your tried and true daily workout. But then there are those days when you find yourself snarling at a woman plugging away on your treadmill/elliptical/stepper/bike/etc.…

Tips for KickBoxing Yourself to Fitness

You’ve tried power-walking and pilates to shrink your waistline, yoga and meditation to clear your mind...but there are those days, when you just want to throwdown and punch something—anything! For a good, old-school-style sweat that gets…

How to Sneak Some Exercise into Your Children's Activities

Getting your kids out and moving this summer is more than just fun for them—it’s vital to their health. And summer is the perfect time to get your little ones up and out of the house, even if you have to sneak activity into their day. Need…

How did Zumba Become Such a Fitness Craze?

Zumba, the booty-popping, hip-thrusting, arm-waving dance exercise craze that has been sweeping the planet, was pure happenstance or a “happy accident,” as Zumba founder Alberto "Beto" Perez refers to it. Beto was ready to lead his step…

Vipassana Meditation: Why Ten Days of Silence Will Calm any Latina

No phones. No music. No writing. No reading. No talking. I began to digest the fact that this seemingly contemptuous litany of ‘no’s’ also meant: no whining, complaining, venting, tweeting, texting, blogging, blabbing, pinging, poking,…

Shake Up Your Asanas!: Where Yoga Meets Dance

For many of us, yoga equals a serene state of quiet stillness, a zone in which to work on balance, tranquility, and alignment. But sometimes you need to shake things up. Why not try a more communicative yoga practice, one that takes the phrase…