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6 Ways to Make Every Day Father’s Day

A mug on Father’s Day that says “World’s Greatest Dad” is nice, but Dad wants to be included on a daily basis. If Baby has made three into a crowd, here’s some great advice from Moms who enjoy a parenting partnership with their…

Baby Scared to Tears by Daddy’s Fart

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This little guy is literally scared to tears by the loud pop of his daddy’s flatulence. Although amused by the incident, Mommy comes to the rescue, suggesting this is not an unusual occurrence. For more fantastic MamiTV videos and content,…

Are Parents Always the Best Role Models?

Last October, my colleague sat with a boy of 16 and his mother for a required parent-teacher conference. The boy had failed his first quarter and was presently failing the second. When my colleague broke this news to the boy’s mother, she…