The New Family Tree: Modern Christmas Tree Decorations to Try

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The holidays are all about tradition but that doesn't mean you can't modernize your Christmas tree decorations. Make 2015 the year you spruce up your spruce and create a photo-worthy tree with flair. There are tons of simple and inexpensive…

Snowshoeing, Ice Carving & Other Offbeat Things to Do in the Winter

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Even though it's cold and snowy, there are still tons of outdoor things to do in the winter besides skiing and snowball fights. In the words of Sinclair Lewis, "Winter is not a season, it's an occupation." So this year make it your occupation…

Modern Mothering: 12 Parenting Tips & Rules that Could Use a Revamp

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The truth of the matter is that there is no perfect way to parent and all of us can use parenting tips from time to time. Can we all agree on that? Great. That said, the battle of old school versus new school parenting tips and styles continues…

Thanksgiving Travel Hooky: 10 Tips to Get You Off the Hook

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Contrary to popular belief, not all Thanksgiving travel is a nightmare of traffic jams, delayed flights and crowded airports. If you plan wisely, it can actually be the best time to visit many popular tourist destinations while the masses…

First-Aid: 10 Things to Always Have in Your Medicine Cabinets

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Medicine cabinets should always contain basic first-aid and OTC medication. It's important to regularly take inventory of your supplies and restock before things run out. You'll save yourself late-night emergency drug store runs, sleepless…

Chatter Platter: The Best Conversation Topics for Dinner Table

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After a long day it can be hard to find interesting conversation topics to discuss with your family and friends. You’re tired, your brain hurts and quite honestly, you are not in the mood to think all that hard. The good news is that there…

Jam Session: 10 Top Music Albums that Work for the Whole Family

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It's holiday season and you want to take advantage of your killer sound system but finding top music picks that the whole family can agree on is virtually impossible. Or is it? You may not be able to get everyone to absolutely love the same…

Toddler Taming: Tips for Getting Your Kid to Smile for the Shot

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As a parent, sometimes it can seem like you aren’t just raising children, you’re also a professional photographer (...and yes, we know you’re also a chef, a housekeeper, an alarm clock, a teacher and a chauffeur.) You spend a LOT of…

Baby Room Ideas for Babies with Parents who Don't Play by the Rules

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You’ve got a baby on board, you’ve already battled morning sickness and somehow, despite the back-and-forth negotiations, you even settled on a name for your baby. The hard part of baby prep is over, right? Not exactly. Getting your baby…